Saturday, December 31, 2011

Today is My Bithday!!!

Ok - It's not.  It was last Wednesday, but I didn't have a chance to post anything.  The big end of the year sale has been quit busy. I was so surprised that Facebook tells EVERYONE!  it's your birthday. I'm just learning all this facebook stuff, so I didn't know about that.  I was very surprised with all the e-mails and posts on my wall.  Thank you all!  I had a wonderful day!  Here I am working in the greenhouse.  Hee hee! 

Here's wishing everyone a really wonderful new years.  I'll be off for a few days.  It's so nice to have two whole days in a row. The shop will be closed on New Years Day, and Ethell will be here on Monday. I'm going to work on my sample for the Winter Mystery.  I wish I could tell you about it, but well........ I can't! You should sign up for the class. I think it's going to be fun.  
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Few Days Off Works Wonders!

Well! Christmas is over. I had a couple of days off and I'm feel much more in control.  Look at the pretty flower that bloomed while I was away. My friend Kathy brought it to the shop a couple of weeks ago.  I was pretty sure I would kill it before it bloomed. So Kathy has been in charge of watering it and seeing that we do the right thing.  BUT..... then she went to Montana for three weeks. I was sure it would die overnight! I am terrible with house plants.  I have even killed a Christmas cactus. I have been told "You can't go wrong with those. Well........ I killed it!  Anyway, so far this pretty thing is doing nicely.  I hope it blooms long enough for Kathy to see it.   Doesn't it look pretty in front of my pretty applique quilt?  It looks like it belongs.

I was messing with the little settings on my camera and look at this pretty picture.  I am not sure how I did it. It makes the plant look a little alien.
Well, I hope you all had a great Christmas.  Now it's time to look forward to the new year.  Oh! don't forget about the END OF THE YEAR SALE here at the shop, starting tomorrow, and goes through Saturday.  Everything in the shop will be 20% off.  All Christmas fabric will be 40%  of and the clearance fabric is priced to go!  Hope to see everyone!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Peace On Earth!

It's almost Christmas Eve, and almost everyone that's been in the shop in the past few days look like they are about to explode!  Way too much to get done.  They don't seem to be very peaceful!  Can anyone tell me WHY WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES?   My wish for everyone is for them to realize all the craziness is CRAZY! Slow Down! Relax!  Most of it doesn't matter anyway.  So whats going to happen if you don't make cookies like grandma use to make?  Make a new tradition of buying them from the local bakery. They do a great job and they are sometimes better than grandma's.

This picture was taken two years ago, this past week.  I am sooooo thankful that it doesn't look like this now!  However, I think it made people slow down.  They didn't have much of a choice.  We COULDN'T go anywhere.  I don't know, Maybe I shouldn't post this blog.  I sound like a such Scrooge.  I really do like lot's of things about Christmas.  Enjoying a cup of coffee with my friends, laughing, spending time with my  family, cooking a big dinner to share with everyone, and I am working on being a more peaceful person about the whole thing.  Here's whishing to all of you a happy, peaceful, loving holiday!  Enjoy the people in your life.  They are the REAL gifts! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Valentines!!! Hurray!

 I don't want anyone to think I'm being a big Scrooge, BUT, I am looking forward to this holiday being over.  So it was very nice to have this collection come in.  VALENTINES!  Isn't is sweet? Valentines Day is a nice holiday.  You don't have to work up to it for six months like another holiday that I wont mention.  It's just a nice time to think about the ones you love. 

This collection has a really nice kit that makes a beautiful quilt for your Valentine.  My Friends Kathy and Donna made a sample for the shop.  They reported that it was quite simple to make, and it's very sweet.  It's being quilted as I post, so I will post a picture when it gets back.  

Monday, December 19, 2011

Quilts For Sale!

For those of you that have not had the chance to stop by the shop. Aunt Mary's is located on a busy street, and we have big windows.  At night people can see in, and  see all the great quilts hanging in the shop.  This time of year we get lots of people come in and inquire if we have quilts for sale.  Well...... Yes! We do.  I have a little corner of the classroom with a few quilts that are looking for homes.  I never have very many as it's really soooo hard for me to see them go away.  Especially to someone I don't know.  I mean, I have made lots and lots of quilts for people that I love. But, sending my quilts out the door with a STRANGER!  Hard to do!  Maybe I should have them fill out a questionnaire?  OK!  That's a little nutso! I should just let them go.  Off into the universe to provide love and warmth.  I am really sure they are also filled with lots of good dreams.  All quilts are. 
My husband saw our sample pot holder and added eyes to it. Now, it's really got some personality!  Our potholder kits seam to be the hot thing this year. They have been flying out the door! Maybe because of my highly profesional demo on my blog?  Anyway today, that's my chore.  Make more kits! 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Charm Packs Are Sooo Fun!

Look what I just finished!  Pretty cool hu?  This time of year it's kind of gets slow here in the shop. (You guys are all busy with holiday cheer) So I have had a little bit more time to make a few new quilts.  This one is done with just TWO charm packs.  It is very, very easy to make.  You have probably seen it here in the shop before. We have done it many times in many different charm packs.  Only this time I did it on point.  It really gives it a whole new look.   This line of fabric is from Moda, of course.  It's designed by Sandy Klop. She does the American Jane Fabrics.  It's brite and fun!  With the purchase of charm packs we will give you the pattern for free!  This could even be a good a great beginning project to work on.

Friday, December 16, 2011

HInts For Santa

Ho, Ho, Ho!  It's that time of year!  All of you are trying hard to get everything done on your busy holiday list.  So, it's hard to make time to think about yourself and what YOU would like Santa to bring for YOU.  Well, here are a few suggestions.  We just got in these beautiful batik rolls from Batik Textiles.  They are really pretty!  One of them has nine coordinating fat quarters all rolled up pretty, and it comes with a pattern to make a table runner.  It's so pretty though I would probably just put it somewhere to just look at for a while.  The other one is Five Half Yard Cuts, all rolled up in a pretty box that matches the fabric.   It has a pattern for a bag.  We also have lots of "Bali Pops" and now they have 10 inch squares of batiks all rolled up pretty.  There is a great new book "Shnibbles  II" with lots of patterns for 10 inch and Five inch squares.  There is also some really beautiful kits that you might like. 
Hey! How about a gift certificate for Aunt Mary's.  Then you can get ANYTHING YOU WANT!  Some Santas have a really hard time thinking a gift certificate is a good thing.  This year we are adding a five dollar off coupon with any gift certificate over twenty dollars. I also have a big basket of goodies that would be great stocking suffers right on the counter. Next Thursday Friday and Saturday is our big Santa Sale.  Send them in with a list, (or call me and I will have it ready) and Santa will get 15% off his list and we will wrap it up all pretty for you.  All of you fabulous quilters are sooo special to me.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Look Who Flew In!

Looks who came back to Aunt Mary's!  He's one of our old friends that used to live here in the shop.  I think we just wore him out!  All of his lights went out and then he just fell apart.  Well, my wonderful husband must have been bored yesterday, (or he got tired of kicking the box that he was in around his shop). He fixed our old friend all up and now he has new lights and is working great!  I forgot how much I liked him!  So, now he's all better and will live right inside the door to greet all of you when you come in. Happy Holidays!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free Hot Pad Demo!

Yesterday, was "Last Minute, Quick, Handmade, Gift, Demo day" Here at Aunt Mary's.  I had a great time!  We had lots of people stop by and I think they got some good ideas for some great gifts to make.  Lot's of you couldn't stop by though, so I thought I would put one of the demos on my blog. Soooo Here goes. 

This is how to make a great, quick, Pot Holder.  To start, you will need:
1/4 Yard of a cute fabric
9" X 22" of "Insulbrite (Great stuff for many projects)
2 1/4" Strip of accent fabric
First, insert the insulbrite between the layers of fabric. Then do some quilting to hold the layers together. This is a great place to practice your free motion, but simple works great to. 
Then take a piece of paper and draw a 8" circle. (Use a plate and draw around it.) Cut two circles out of the prepared fabric.

Here's one.  
Here's the other.
Use one for the base, and take the other, fold it in half and cut. So that you now have two half circles.
Taking your 2 1/4" strip of accent fabric, bind the two straight edges.
Using a what's left of the accent fabric, Cut approx. 3" and fold it over on itself and topstich to make a little hanger.  Baste the loop on the top of the full circle.
 Lay the two half circles on top of the full circles and sew 1/4" all the way around the pot holder.
turn it right sides out and Ta Dah!!! You have a great gift for some one. 

Have fun!  Feel free to disseminate this pattern with out any written permission at all.  Happy Holidays!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Tree Is Trimmed

Well, we finally got our tree up and ready for Santa to come visit us.  I think we have lots of wonderful gifts and stocking suffers for Santas to choose from.  I always get such a kick out of your wonderful husbands.  They stop in and want me to tell them what just the right gift for you is.  Well.... As we all know, you quilters are all different!  What one person would LOVE, the next wouldn't.  As far as fabric goes,Well quilters are worlds apart on what is the most beautiful fabric in the world. That's why I always try to encourage them to pick up a gift certificate for you.  However!  Lots of Santas have gotten in trouble with gift certificates.  (To impersonal) So you guys have to let them know it's Ok!!!  Then you can get anything you want, and it will be perfect!  
However!  If they just insist!  I do have lots of things that most any quilter would love.  I have a big Santa sale coming up on the 22nd and 23rd.  If you all let me know what you want, they can come pick it up and I will have it all wrapped pretty for you.  They also get 15% off! What more could Santa ask for!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Saturday is Let's Make a Great Handmade Gift / Demo Day

 Tomorrow is Aunt Mary's "Let's make a great handmade gift - Demo Day.  Don't you think hand made gifts are so much more special than a gift from that table going down the middle of Fred Meyers, filled with all kinds of stuff that you don't really want. I think a gift from that table says " I really don't have the time to find you something special, so here ya go."  Hand made means you were thinking of the person while you made it.  So it's filled with love!  Growing up, My family was quite big.  We drew names and had to make a gift.  Maybe that's why I am were I am now.  I love to create something special for the people I care about. 
So, tomorrow we will have continuous demos all day long.  Stop in and catch one.  There is something for everyone.  If you have a teen age person that wants to make a special gift for friends. We have several projects that are fast and fun to do that are really made up from scraps of fabric.  Here are some fun bangle bracelets that are great fun to make.  Who wouldn't want a few of them made with fun, bright fabric?   We will be demoing a great table runner that is beautiful and easy.  The focus on all of these projects is FAST AND EASY.  There is not much time left.  Most of the projects can be made in an hour or less.  HO, HO, HO! Let's get busy!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Floor Quilts Created!

What a FUN day of creating we had!  Here are just a few of the wonderful foor quilts that were made yesterday.  Whoever invented Mod Podge is a genius!  Right up there with the sticky note guy!  I mean how long has this stuff been out there.  It was really popular way back in my middle school days.  I remember making collages of all kinds, and feeling so creative then.  Now!  We are creating these wonderful art pieces for the floor.  

Here's Barb.  I think she was having trouble till we told her to just start gluing the fabric down like a collage and see where it takes her.  WOW!  did she let loose.  Her floor quilt is SOOO cute! 
Donna is always creative. She didn't need any encouraging.  We just let her loose.  This colorful floor quilt will fit so nicely into her studio.   
Here's Sherri.  She just kept giggling. I wish I took a picture of this one when she got it done.  It looks kind of plain in this picture, but she added little squares and a border and it really pops now. 
Sherri is such a cutie.  She came in to sign up for the first session that was full.  She almost cried.  So, we scheduled a second class that I wasn't really sure would go because it was in December. But low and behold it filled too.  Happy Day!!! 
Here's Molley and her floor quilt.  She is a big example of the student teaching the teacher.  I had never made one using such big pieces.  She had this big beautiful floral fabric she wanted to be the whole middle of her project and just add borders to it.  Well, I was worried such a big piece would be hard to lay down without having bubbles under it.  Not a problem!  We just worked together and layed it down and voila!  It worked great!
Now she is going to go home and prep a little more of the floral fabric and cut a big flowery vine and glue it down over the borders.  It's going to be GREAT!  I'm sure this will be a class that will be scheduled again.  Be on the look out!  It seams to fill up fast.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fun = Floorquilts!

Today is our "Overflow" Floor quilts class.  The first one was sold out, so we scheduled a second one.  I really had fun teaching the last class.  Everyone got a "quilt" all glued down and ready to take home. There was sooo much creativity in the room we almost had to open the door to get the smoke out!  I am looking forward to the girls coming in this morning.  Stay tuned..... I'll get some pictures and post them this afternoon.   

Friday, December 2, 2011

Dear Santa, I Would Love This Cute Bag!!

Ok! We are running out of time for Christmas projects.  Only Twenty three more days!  But this one is really COOL!  This is the sweetest little bag.  My Friend, Donna made it up for a sample in the wink of an eye.  She told me it was really quite easy! The handles are removable, so that you can make up more than one bag and use the handles for both.  I can't believe there is a girls alive that would not just love this bag. 
There are lots of other projects I can help you with.  Next Saturday we will have a last minute, quick, easy gifts, demo day. Watch for more details.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Food Drive Is Going Great!!!

Check it out!!!  I am so proud of all of you that have made this a really great year with our food drive.  We have been able to take all this and more down to our local food bank.  They tell me there that this has been a VERY hard year to take care of all those in need.  They are sooooo grateful for any help. So THANK YOU ALL!!!  We will continue to take in donations till the first of the year.  Watch for special events that will take a % off your purchases.  Hint - If you are not on my e-mail list, call or e-mail your address into me and you will get special notices.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let's Talk About Fabric Prices

I know! I know!  You must not have been into a quilt shop in the last six months if you haven't noticed the price of fabric.  I have to agree with you,  it's terrible!!!  Believe me I have been quite concerned by it.  Many of you know the reason for it ... the price of cotton has skyrocketed in the past two years. Not only were there huge problems with crops (flooding, cold weather, etc) around the world, now China, the worlds highest consumer of cotton, ran out!  So for now, we are paying the price.  It's simple supply and demand, along with the price of shipping to get the fabric into our shops. 
As a quilt shop owner....... this is scary!  I read blogs that encourage us to shop on line where prices are lower.  Ok! Let's just tackle the reason the "On-line Shops" are less expensive.  It is really very simple: they don't have the overhead that the "Brick and Mortar" shops have.  Yep! these shops pay BIG RENT! 
If we don't support these shops, we WILL lose them.  Where would we be then? I don't think we would have the quilting culture we have now if we did not have those cute little shops for classes and stitching help.  We not only sell fabric, but Ideas, Inspiration and Instruction.  We are the place you come to relax, feel the fabric, and enjoy some camaraderie with fellow quilters.  On-line shops do not provide that.  I have had people go so far as to come in, look at all the books, write down all the numbers from the bolts of fabric and go home to order it on line.  Hmmm.  Kind of feel used there. 
Well,  I didn't mean to get on a soap box, but I get a little discouraged when I read some of the blogs.  Aunt Mary's has been here now for twelve years, and as far as I know, Aunt Mary's will be here to serve you, my friends, for many years to come.  Happy Quilting!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Aunt Mary's Christmas Mystery Is Solved!

Yesterday was our Christmas Mystery class.  Whew! What a day!  We started at 10 in the morning and got to sew and have fun solving our mystery clear till 10pm.  I hope the girls had fun.  I had fun designing the mystery.  It was a TRUE scrap quilt.  The biggest piece we needed was 4 1/2" square of Christmas fabric. I think these kinds of quilts are fantastic! So much fun to look at. Every time you look at it there is something new to see.

 The instructions for the girls was "Don't bring fabric that you don't want to share"  So we sewed and traded fabrics all day long.  You would have thought we would use up lots of scraps.  I think my pile that I brought to share is BIGGER now!  How does that happen? Well, now the party is over and here I am, the day after.  The classroom looks like a thread bomb went off.  I think it could have been worse though.  My friend Cher was wearing fuzzy black socks and she wasn't wearing her shoes.  She started to put on her shoes and discovered she was taller with all the thread and bits of fabric stuck to her socks!  Thank you, Cher for helping out!  All in all, I think it was a great way to kick off the Christmas Season. HO, Ho, Ho!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday

Today is small business Saturday.  I'm hoping is will be a big day at Aunt Mary's. Many people don't know it, but The holidays are really the SLOWEST time of the year at the quilt shop.  By the end of the year it gets kind of tight around here.  Over the years I think we have all learned, and budget for it.  But it would be nice if we did a little better.  Boy oh Boy was the parking lot at Costco and target full this morning!  Maybe this "ShopSmall" will help. Happy Shopping everyone!!! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here we are! The day before Thanksgiving.  One of my very favorite holidays. (My favorite is the 4th of July)  Maybe it's my favorite because I get to cook a big feast for people I love and get to enjoy their company all day long.  What could be better?  I  am very thankful for so many things this year.  I am very fortunate to have a great family and so many dear friends, a job I love to go to every day and even though I  can't see as well as I used to, I am quite healthy. I am also grateful to all of you that dropped off food for our local food bank.  Today we are delivering three BIG boxes of food.  I am sending it off with a prayer that whoever receives it, knows there are people that care.  We will continue to take donations till the first of the year. Hopefully we can send them a big gift for Christmas too.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time to Make Pillowcases and Christmas Tree Napkins

 This week I have been a busy little bee.  Getting ready for the big "Black Friday" sale.  Among other projects, I put together lots and lots of the two kits that always please everyone for the holidays.  First - pillowcase kits!  I don't know anyone that doesn't love to get a new "Custom" pillowcase.  One year, I didn't make them for my family and you would have thought I didn't love them any more!  I think they like that the fabric is picked out to fit their personalities and interests.  My husband is going to love this Rocky and Bullwinkle one.  I love the fact that they take about twenty minutes to make.  Zip! Zip! Zip!  they are done!!! I have lots of kits for all kinds of personalities, but if we can't find one that fits.  We can make a kit just for you.
Then there is the time honored Christmas Tree Napkins.  You will impress everyone at the table.  One of my customers told me she used up all her Christmas scraps and made all of hers different, then, everyone got to take theirs home with them.  (Way to get out of laundry detail!)
Again.  These are VERY QUICK projects.  One afternoon will get you well on your way to feeling all Martha Stewarty.  

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jane Shares Her Bali Wedding Star. All Done!!!

Jane stopped by yesterday to share her "Bali Wedding Star" quilt.  It's all pieced!  Woo Hooo!!  It's sooo pretty!
she is planning on giving this beautiful quilt to her son.  She said, "I sure hope he likes it"  Isn't that always our big worry?  What if they don't like it........  I think we all go through this.  I don't care who it is.  Even the big star quilters in the world.  We put sooo much thought and love into these treasures.  But what if they don't like it?  Well....  I always say, if they love you..... they will love what you did.  Seriously, though,  who would not love this beautiful gift?  

Jane also told me that she loved the class, and would highly recomend it. It's a great way to stay on track and get a big project like this done.  We have a new session starting in January, so if you would like to join us, call us for information. I would love for you to join us.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Floor Mats Galore!

Today was the Floor Mats class here at Aunt Mary's.  FUN!  Everyone got to design their own masterpieces.  We got them all Mod Podged down and they are ready to take home and have more coats of Mod Podge put on them.  I think everyone was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to do.  I'm kind of thinking there will be many floor mats under the Christmas tree this year.     
Here is Maralee's work of art.  It's almost done. She is working on her borders.  Don't you just love the colors?   It's always fun to see how everyone's projects turn out.  We even had two wonderful girls from our neighboring country in the north come take this class today.  It was fun having them. 
Here's Jayanne.  She's trying to be the teachers pet.  Using all that Kaffe Fasset fabric.  I wish I had taken a picture of this one when it was all done.  She really did some fun things.  She appliqued a beautiful big flower in the corner.  Just Yummy!  If she can't find a place for this mat at home. She can always bring it back.  I love it!!!

This class was sold out.  So I scheduled another session in early December. So if your interested.  Give me a call.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Miss Mouse Comes to Aunt Mary's

 Yesterday (Monday) was my day off.  I had such an enjoyable afternoon making Miss Mouse!  Every once in a while it's nice to do a project that you can get done in an afternoon.  This is one of them.  I started the day off with the grocery store,and cleaning the house. (yuck!) Then I put a pot of  pasta sauce on to simmer. It  made the house smell all yummy, and I set out to make miss mouse.  (FUN!)  She really didn't take very long to make and it made my day!  I really enjoyed her. Now she lives here at Aunt Mary's. Currently She is residing on the fabric line from Moda that she is made out of.
There is this new book that just came in last week.  It's just full of fun little friends like Miss Mouse.  I think I may have to make the cute little froggy called Finnigan on page 90 next!   I wish I had tomorrow off! (Blaw)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bali Wedding Star Class A Huge Sucsess!

Yesterday (Saturday) was such a nice cozy day to quilt!  Here at the shop we were finishing up our threes sessions of Bali Wedding Star.  What a really beautiful quilt!  I think the class was a huge success!  The girls really did well, and had lots of fun. Many of the quilts got up on the design wall.  I was so inpressed! Of course every time one of the girls had their quilt on the design wall, I was busy up front or I didn't have my camera with me and didn't get a picture.  So here are a few blocks, all ready to go together.  Jane has promised to bring hers in, all done this week so I can get a picture.  
Here are some blocks in progress.  Everyone loved Linda Tellesbo.  She is a really good instructor.  She has worked with Judy Niemeyer extensively to become a "Certified Instructor"  for her patterns.  I sell lots of Judy's patterns here at the shop.  The customers that have taken a class with either Judy or Linda tell me it's really the way to go.  The patterns can be kind of intimidating. But after being shown how they are done, they really are wonderful patterns and really stunning quilts! 
Here's Judy and Rose.  Judy is making a KING size!  Wow!  Rose already has plans to make TWO more.  What super quilters!!!

We have a new session for this class coming up at the first of the year.  There are just a few spaces left.  Maybe one of those spaces should be yours.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A View From My Window and Let's Go Play Trucks!

 I just can't say enough about how beautiful our trees have been this year.  This is a picture of what I get to enjoy each day.  When the sun shines through them they look like they are on fire.  Such an inspiration from mother nature!  I think this year they have been truly spectacular! Some years by this time in November, there is hardly any leaves left.  It must be an extra little bonus we get for not such a hot summer. 

Then......... check this fabric out!  It's so fun!!  Really! All anyone would have to do is put a border around it, and quilt it, and some little guy (Or girl) would be in heaven all naptime long.  Get your trucks and cars out and let's have some fun!  This line of fabric also has a soft book to make that goes with it.  I made one yesterday.  It took me about a half hour to make.  It's sooo cute. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Silent Cinema, Free Spirit Fabric

 This fabric from Free Spirit, came in not too long ago, and I fell in love with it.  I love the colors, the prints, everything about it.  Some of each of them went home with me.  My friend Kathy also loved it.  We looked at it and played with it for sometime thinking about just the right project for it. 
Here's what we came up with.  We just added a few solids and did this fun easy pattern.  After all, there is only so much time in our lives to make all the quilts we want to make. So, fast and easy is GOOD!  Then, we can move on the the next coolest fabric that will be coming in.
  Anyway, this pattern uses the 60 degree ruler,  It cuts out in no time at all and gos together fast.  The pattern is called "Simply 60s" and gives several versions of the same quilt.  They all look great.  We had a hard time picking which one to make.  This ones the winner!  I love it!  Kathy did a great job!!! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Calendula Pederdrip's Cottage! Done and Hanging!

Ta Da!!!  Don't you just love the feeling of a finished project?  This is the project I worked on all through summer.  I started it at our big shop hop in June.  The patterns had just barely arrived in the shop and I knew I had to make it.  The Pattern is one of Meg Hawkey's. It's called Calendula Pederdrip's Cottage.  I think Meg is a genius!  Her patterns are so filled with details and fun imaginative little elements.  
I have this quilt hanging right above my desk. So as I'm trying to get my book work done, I keep finding myself looking at the quilt.  I know I have said how much I enjoy hand work.  One of the benefits is that when I look at a block, I remember what I was doing the day I was working on that part.  My son plays baseball on a senior league team, so many hours of  embroidery was done this summer while enjoying the sun and watching ball games.  I also worked on the books and feather block while sitting out under my apple trees on the Fourth Of July.  So, you see there is sooo much more in a quilt than the finished project.  It has so many great memories in it too.
Ok! Now!  Here's a big problem!!! After finishing a quilt that you really enjoyed working on.  The big problem is.........  finding a new project that you will enjoy just as much.  Well,  I think I have it worked out.  Next, I will be starting a new Kim McLean applique pattern, called Princess Feather.  I uses lots and lots of Kaffe Fasset fabric, another obbsession of mine.  You can't have too much of that.