Friday, December 16, 2011

HInts For Santa

Ho, Ho, Ho!  It's that time of year!  All of you are trying hard to get everything done on your busy holiday list.  So, it's hard to make time to think about yourself and what YOU would like Santa to bring for YOU.  Well, here are a few suggestions.  We just got in these beautiful batik rolls from Batik Textiles.  They are really pretty!  One of them has nine coordinating fat quarters all rolled up pretty, and it comes with a pattern to make a table runner.  It's so pretty though I would probably just put it somewhere to just look at for a while.  The other one is Five Half Yard Cuts, all rolled up in a pretty box that matches the fabric.   It has a pattern for a bag.  We also have lots of "Bali Pops" and now they have 10 inch squares of batiks all rolled up pretty.  There is a great new book "Shnibbles  II" with lots of patterns for 10 inch and Five inch squares.  There is also some really beautiful kits that you might like. 
Hey! How about a gift certificate for Aunt Mary's.  Then you can get ANYTHING YOU WANT!  Some Santas have a really hard time thinking a gift certificate is a good thing.  This year we are adding a five dollar off coupon with any gift certificate over twenty dollars. I also have a big basket of goodies that would be great stocking suffers right on the counter. Next Thursday Friday and Saturday is our big Santa Sale.  Send them in with a list, (or call me and I will have it ready) and Santa will get 15% off his list and we will wrap it up all pretty for you.  All of you fabulous quilters are sooo special to me.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Anonymous said...

They look like lollipops!

Aunt Mary said...

Better! there's no calories!