Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aunt Mary's Anniversary Celebration

Last week was Aunt Mary's ninth anniversary! I can hardly believe it's been that long. What a great time it's been! I have made some really great friends that I will love forever. What could be a better job? I can't wait to see what the next years will bring. Saturday was such a fun day celebrating with everyone. Here are some photos of the good time.
Here's my friend Joann. She is always up for a party.

Watch out for these two!
They could be trouble!!! Or lots of fun!!!

What a fun Party! Prizes, Balloons, and Cake for all!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

New computer!

Last week I got a terrible virus! And not the kind that will keep you home in bed! (Although I kind wish I could have covered my head with my pillow and just forgot it all!) this virus was very yucky!!! Long story short. I had to get a new computer. It took quite some time to get it all set up. I have almost everything transfered, BUT NOT MY E-MAIL LIST!!! So now I have to rebuild my customer e-mail list. I am now putting names and addresses in by hand. So If you don't get an e-mail from me in the next couple weeks, you might want to e-mail me and get your name back in. I guess we should never take even our computers for granted. So from now on I will give it a little pat and hug more often.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Valentines for your Valentine?

There's a sweet holiday coming up! (Not Lincoln's birthday........VALENTINES DAY!!! It's a great time to let the all the people you love know that they are special. We are ready with lots of fun little things that say "I Love You!" Never pass up an oportunity to let them know they are special! Oh, I almost forgot........ I think you, My great customers are very special too!!!

Here's a fun little project! For those of you that did the Christmas tree napkins.......Here's a sweet valentine napkin. FUN and EASY! Happy Valentines Day!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sorry! It's been a long time.

I'm so sorry if you have been checking my blog and I just have not added anything to it. The new year brings lots of work for me. Lot's of projects to work on. But the good new is the shop is looking pretty great! There's lots of new classes coming up and projects galore! First I wanted to let you know about the American Hero group that will be here on Saturday. What a great group. They make quilts for the wounded soldiers coming back from Iraq. They would love to have you come join them. There is work for everyone. Call the shop for more information.

The shop is full of new and wonderful quilts and projects. Here's one that is fun and easy! We have a fabric pac that will get you going today! I just love the colors in this quilt. It made the yucky weather we had much less depressing. Who could be blue with all these beautiful batiks to work with?

Here's Judy! She just stopped by to show me a new quilt of Freddy Moran's that she will be quilting. It will be in Freddy's new book that will be out in a few months. I can't wait! I really love her quilts and her style. Watch for a workshop with Freddy coming next fall.

Here's one of Roxanne's great Patterns. It's a "quilt as you go" quilt. You will be soooo surprised how fun it is. It would be even funner to come to girls day out and work on it. I promise to do better with the blog so keep checking in!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hear are a few of my friends celebrating the new year. Arn't they fun! I don't know about you but, I am sooooo glad to have the snow all gone. It was nice to see customers again!

The New year means we will be getting lots of new fabric in over the next couple of weeks. The winter newsletter is out with lots of great classes and fun events. If you are not on my e-mail list you should stop in the shop and pick up a newsletter. I promise you will find something fun in it.

Well, here's to a GREAT NEW YEAR!