Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A "Lucy" Update

Well, it's been about two months now that our little Lucy came to be our "Quilt Shop Dog."  She has made sooooo many friends!  She just loves to greet everyone and maybe give a few puppy kisses.  I have been working hard on  teaching her a few manners.  When it's quiet in the shop and someone comes in, she gets a little barky.  We are working on breaking the habit.  She's so smart and stubborn though, but, I think we are making progress.  This cold snap has set us back a little bit on potty training.  Take her out and she looks at you like "Are You Nuts!!!"  I guess I would object a bit as well.  Over all, she has been lots of fun to have in the shop.  Such a cuddly, sweet little girl.  Here she is showing of her new winter sweater. Need a little love and puppy kisses?  Stop by. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Saturday Is Santa's Workshop Demo Day

 Boy, O Boy! Is it chilly out!!!  For me, It makes me want to cozy up and make lots of fun gifts for my family and friends!  Put a pot of soup on to make the house smell  good, put an old movie on the tube (It's a Wonderful Life) and create!  Now That's Christmas to me!!! So on Saturday, December 7th, all day we will be showing demos on some fun, EASY gift projects for everyone on your list.  Many of the projects are easy enough for kid to make. (With some supervision) It's nice to get the kids involved with hand made gifts. 
The Folded Christmas Tree Napkins are still a big hit!  EVERYONE loves them.  Use the pattern from the kits to use up all your Christmas fabric scrapes.  Then there is Aunt Mary's Quick Pot Holders.  They make a great hostess gift. They only take a quarter yard of fabric and some insulated batting.  Everyone can use new pot holders!
Of course there is the perfect gift for just about anyone. A new pillowcase!!  My kids are very grown up, and still need a new one every year for Christmas. (And their birthday.... etc)  They really make a great gift at any time of year.  When you learn how easy they are, they will be your go to gift for any occasion.  Well, that's not all! We will be showing more great, easy projects. So don't miss out!  Stop by!

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

The holiday season is upon us!!! One of my favorite holidays is right around the corner.  THANKSGIVING  Time to take stock of all that I am thankful for. I am very blessed with so many things.  A warm home, a full pantry and fridge, are just a few of the things most of just don't think a lot about. There are so many families in our community that need help with the basics.  Here at Aunt Mary's, I try to help.  SO..... it's time for the annual food drive.  Let's kick it off in a big way.  This week end, Friday through Sunday, Bring in a donation for the local food bank and take 20% off all Yardage,  50% off selected Halloween fabrics, and 50% off clearance fabrics (one yard minimum cut)  What kind of donation you might ask?  Well...... Non perishable food, of coarse, however they always are in need of things like shampoo, toothpaste etc, My friend Deb likes to bring in these stuffed animals with a small quilt wrapped around them.  We have had people make "Birthday Bags".  A pretty gift bag with a cake mix, frosting and small toys.  I can't tell you how much these things make the people at the food bank smile.  There are so many kids that get so little on their special days.  So use your imagination!  What ever you bring in will be greatly appreciated. Happy holidays!! Hope to see you this weekend!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's Been Awhile! Sorry!!

Oh, My!!  The time sure flys!!  I have neglected my blog.  To all my followers...... Sorry!  I try to post on facebook at several times each week, but my blog kind of takes a back seat.  Today is book club and the girls are starting to arrive, so this is kind of the wrong time to catch up.  So I'll just show you a picture of Lucy.  She has been lots of fun to have around the shop.  My little ambassador of good will.  She has several places to curl up under the counters. It's hard to be a party girl all the time.  Watch for more blog real soon! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Adventues Of Lucy the "Shop" Dog.

If you have visited the shop in the past two weeks.  You may have met our new addition.  LUCY!  She is the sweetest little thing.  She loves to meet everyone.  She's very social!  So, here's a little background............ My husband and I had two little precious dogs that we lost this last summer.  Henry, who was about three, ate thread and died.  He was such a sweet thing.  BUT very snoopy and would have adventures at night and eat things that he shouldn't.  BEWARE of thread and your pets.  It can be VERY bad.  Then........ our sweet old dog, Sophie, who was seventeen, after a great life of making us all feel very protected and loved, passed away.  I had a VERY hard time of it.  I loved them both very much.  Our family had a busy summer getting ready for  big wedding, so we were alone for about three months.  Even my favorite thing, (applique) slowed down.  Nobody to snuggle with in the evening.  Not to mention, under our kitchen table was getting out of hand. I asked my husband if he was throwing things under there.  I'm not used to cleaning up under there.  SO, along comes Lucy!  A few things have changed since our last puppy though.  The biggest is my husband is now working away from home. I am here at the shop all day.  Hmmm. How to have a puppy?  Take here with me!  So far she has been great!  Doing great about learning were to go potty.  There have been a few accidents, but they have been mostly my fault.  I will get better.  She hardly ever barks.  So far, only the UPS guy gets lots of barks.  He really needs to slow down!  She has lots of people come in and snuggle with her.  She loves that. Behind my counter is her area most of the time.  Lots of toys and things to keep her busy, and me tripping over.   I hope you get a chance to come by and meet her.  She would love to meet you.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To Any Unhappy Customers.

I don't usually do this.  I don't like to be too personal on my blog. However, today I think I want to get on the soap box for just a bit.  (Hopefully nobody will read this and get upset with me)  This morning, I came in to work and logged onto facebook.  On my page there was a message for me.  Evidently, yesterday I had a customer that came in and was unhappy with her experience at Aunt Mary's.  She will NEVER come back.  Now, I know I should just write it off. let it go  But I don't!  I run over the whole day in my mind a thousand times trying to remember what I did........... Don't remember anyone upset. Don't remember being rude or not being friendly.  BUT I must have. Because this person took it upon herself to let me know.  First I have to say....... I'm sorry!  I think customer service is THE most important thing I can do.  My mission statement from the very beginning of Aunt Mary's, was to make the shop a comfortable, friendly place to visit.  A place to make friends, and feel like you got a hug. just for stopping in.  I know I'm not perfect! I know there are days that are harder than others.  Sometimes, I may not feel well, or there is something on my mind.   SOMETIMES it's just hard to take care of everything all at once.  (And now I added a puppy to my list of duties) (She's doing really well, thanks)  I have had people talk about another shops. How they didn't say hi or they were unfriendly. I always try to tell them to give them another chance.  You never know what was happening behind the scenes.  It's not always easy to "read" a customer.  There are times they just want to look around and think.  So we try to give them their space.  I try to let them know I'm there if they need me, but not be intrusive.   I think that can look, to a customer, like I don't care.  Believe me I care very much.
So ANYWAY, I guess I feel bad that someone didn't feel good when they came in.  I wish there was something I could do about it.  I'll try to do better.  We always need a reminder. But the next time you go into any small business and don't get the experience you think you should get.  Please try to be patient.  Many times it's just a misunderstanding.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Big Weekend Coming Up. Fun For All

 There is lots to get ready for this weekend!  I kind of messed up and scheduled Aunt Mary's Customer Garage Sale and Back to School Sale on the same weekend as the "Tri County 91 Mile Yard Sale. Woops!!! Oh well!  I think it will all work out great!  It all kind of goes together anyway.  You may have come to the Customer Garage sale in years past.  SOOO much fun!  I have all the tables in the classroom rented out to my customers.  Many of them have been cleaning their studios of all the things that make them feel guilty. (Or lots of it anyway) This Saturday they will be selling it all at garage sale prices! (to make room for more.) If that's not enough we also have our "Back to School Sale this Thursday through Saturday.  15% off all yardage and books.  Then........ there is the "91 Mile yard sale!!!
Each year the Tri County Quilt Association cleans out their shops of all kinds of goodies.  I like to go through all my books, patterns, fabric and even kits that have not moved as fast as I would like and mark them all down to 50% off.  I may even have a few samples to sell.  It's just a great time to clean up and get ready for new.  A really fun thing that the Tri County Association does during this event is a gift certificate give away.  For every ten dollars that you spend in our shops this weekend, you get an entry into a drawing to win an either $10 or $20 gift certificate to five of our shops.  COOL HU?   Who wouldn't want that!?? Hey! and if that's not enough!  Aunt Mary's will be hosting the QA Quilt Guild. They will be here selling tickets to win their raffle quilt.  I hear it's gorgeous!!!  It's shaping up to be a big weekend.  I hope to see you.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm Back! Kind Of.....

 Oh!  The Wedding last Saturday was truly magical!  Really one of the best days of my life!  I've had lots of my friends say, "I bet your glad it's over"  NOPE!!  That day could go one for ever.  The kids were so happy, the party was fun,(Thankfully, there was plenty of food) the sun came out just in time for the ceremony, and the evening was beautiful with all the lights in the trees.  There was even fireworks! My favorite!! It was wort all the work that went into it.  With that all said......... I'm really not as young as I used to be.  Monday morning came way to soon!  I was a ZOMBIE!!! It's Thursday now and I'm starting to feel a little more awake, and it's time to start thinking about the shop.  We have lots of fun things on the horizon.  
This Saturday, Aunt Mary's will be hosting "The American Hero's" quilt group.  I love having them here.  They do such great work.  I'm proud that I can help in some little way.  They would love to have you join them this Saturday.  There is work for everyone.  Binding, sewing a few blocks, ironing or just stopping by to cheer them on.  They take donations of time, fabric or even $$.  We also have some great classes coming up soon.  Here's a picture of one of Krista's Tuffit classes.  We have a new session coming soon.  There are many fun classes, come in and get a newsletter and let's get you signed up.  Then,  Nest Saturday is our big Customer Garage Sale, that just happens to coincide with the big 91mile yard sale with the Tri County Quilt Shop Association.  All the shops will be getting their clearance stuff out.  More about that latter.  I just had a Sales Rep come in the back door.  I FORGOT!! Go figure!!  I gotta get my head in the game.  So Blog with you latter.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding Day This Saturday

I don't usually share very much of my personal life on my blog,  I try to keep it about the shop. Most of the time, My personal life is kind of boring!  But I'm so very excited about this.  My son, Pat,  is getting married to a wonderful, dear, sweet girl this Saturday. VIRGINIA!!!!  It will be at my house in my yard.  We have been working in the yard for months now to have it all pretty.  I'm making the food and the cake. Did I say how excited I am?  It's just three days away!!!  Everything is falling together quite well.  I will be away from the shop the rest of the week.  Ethel an Kathy will be here to take care of all your quilting needs. Come on in!  Use the Name VIRGINIA and get 15% off your purchases.  I'll try to post some pictures of the wedding.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meet The Teacher - Friday

 Lots of fun new classes coming up this fall.  We also have a few favorites that everyone still asks for returning.  I think there s something for everyone in this schedule. Great projects for the gift giving season and some fun new quilt projects as well.  On Friday September 6th, we have "Meet the teacher." It's a great time to stop in and meet the instructors, ask any questions you may have and get signed up. If you sign up for classes at this session, You will receive a coupon for 15% off your supply list.  However,  just for fun, (Hee, hee) if you say "Polka Dot" in a sentence.  We will give you an extra 5% off your supplies!
The first picture is one of Stephanie Davis's classes called "Fabric Christmas Cards"  Soooo cute!  And they go right through the mail.  Wouldn't you just love to get one?  Stephanie shows how to embellish and make them one of a kind.  Then, we have the "Floorquilt' class.  This one has been on my floor in front of the counter for about three years now.  It still looks great!  They are lots of fun to make as well. These are just a few of the classes.  Scroll down for more fun classes, and  in and see us for meet the teacher and lets get you learning something new!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some Great Classes With Stephanie Davis

 My friend Stephanie is such a fun quilting instructor. She's getting to be one of our customers favorites.  Her style is very playful and carefree, and her enthusiasm is contagious.  For just a hint of her style, scroll down and catch the link to her blog.  It's a blog that I always like to read. Her and her three sons just got back from a long vacation in Europe.  I loved reading about their adventures.  I think you will too. 
Here are a few of the fun classes that she has coming up. First, is "Scraptastic"!  It's using the book "Scrap Republic." There are three projects that you can choose from and Stephanie will help you go wild!  So get cleaning up your studio, pack up some of those pretty SCRAPS that you love and come make a fun quilt. 

This is a class called 'Snowfakes and Trees." (The trees part is still at the quilters.) They are pieced,for lack of another word, "Liberated." Stephanie just loves to make things by just adding fabric together and seeing what will happen.  I've know her for many years and she amazes me with her way of just putting things together without a pattern.  She has such a gentle sweet way of getting you excited about playing with fabric. So make a date to stop by and see the samples and perhaps get signed up for a class.    

Friday, August 23, 2013

Kaffe Triangle Exchange

We started our "Kaffe" Triangle exchange last week. It's been fun just cutting the fabric for the rolls.  I just love all the pretty colors. It's so easy to do as well.  Just sew on the dotted lines and cut on the solid.  Anyone can do it.  Then the fun begins!!  trade in some of your trianles to get a bigger variety of colors.  Here are a few blocks that I am making up for a sample.  it will be a cute tale topper.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Fall Newsletter Is Out! Fun Stuff Ahead!

I am ALWAYS so excited to get the new newsletters all done and out to everyone.  I get excited about all the fun upcoming events and opportunities for everyone. Fall is a big time of year at the quilt shop as well.  The kids go back to school, the weather starts to turn, and everyone cozies up and starts think about the holidays just around the corner.  This newsletter has lots of information. Not only about classes, but sales and fun things like the "Triangle" exchange, when the scissor guy will be here, and our annual food drive.  I do get very excited about the classes though.  This time we focus on lots of great gift ideas that you may like to make for everyone n your list.  Hand made gifts are THE BEST after all.  So filled with love and thought.  Lets see, we have "The Tuffit," The clothesline tote, some great handbags and even the floorquilts.  So there is something for everyone.  If you are not on my e-mail list, you can either stop in the shop and pick up a newsletter or send me an e-mail and I will put you on our e-mail list and send you a newsletter.  I don't want you to miss out on anything!  My e-mail is
Hope to hear from you.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Kaffe" Friendship Triangle Exchange

Hey!  Did you get involved with our last Friendship Triangle Exchange?  Last summer we did it with batiks and it was really fun.  This time we will be using the fabric from the "Kaffe Collective"  (Fabric designed by Kaffe Fasset, Brandon Mobley, and Phillip Jacobs) It's so brite and fun.  I think it will be lots of fun to do this with.  Here is how it works.......... Stop in and pick up a roll or two.  Each roll contains a "Kaffe" fabric, a tone on tone fabric and a triangle paper.  All you have to do is place your fabric right sides together, place the paper on top, pin and sew on the dotted lines.  Then cut on the solid lines and you will have 28 half square triangles.  Ta Dah!!  Then, so that you can have lots and lots of variety, get ready to come in and exchange your triangles with everyone else.  We will be having the exchange on December 14th.  It will be a fun triangle exchange party, with demos on projects to make and games to win even more triangles.  Lets get going!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Very Satisfiyng Week!

 This week was a very fun, satisfying week for me.  It started out, on Monday, Making over 100 tamale's for my sons wedding.  (I still have over 100 to make this next Monday) So that will be my next day off.  The wedding is coming up fast, September 14th, so I will be very relieved to have all the tamales in the freezer. Then the hard work is done!  Meanwhile, back at the shop, we had Roxanne for two sessions.  I always enjoy having her here.  I'm sure Aunt Mary's would not be what it is without her.  She is wonderful!!  I had two sales reps in, and got to see and order some great new fabric.  It's always fun to see what's going to come in.  It gets me thinking about all kinds of new quilts, classes and arraignments for the shop.    Stay tuned to see what I ordered.  I got the whole fall newsletter written and e-mailed.  I think there are some fun things in it.  I'm always so happy to get it DONE. 

Then......  Saturday was our first ever  SPA DAY in the shop.  You know, when I'm sitting at my desk thinking about what to do that's fun and different. I come up with ideas that, well, sound kind of goofy! Even to me!  But this one worked out well.  I figured about this time of summer there had to be some quilters that were tired of all the summer activities.  Gardening,family reunions, too much company and so on.  So they got to come here to the shop and spend a whole day that was all about THEM.  Sewing all day,  A pedicure at the shop next door, a box lunch from the bakery, even champagne.  I think everyone was happy when they left and all of them were ready to sign up for another session. You will have to wait though.  The days were all full for the fall session.  But you never know what will come up.  I now we have some fun things in store. Pick up a newsletter and get signed up for something FUN!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Amy Bradley! My New Favorite!!

I know!  I'm always saying ,this or that is "My Favorite"  In this job, it's so nice that new things come in all the time and I can change my favorite thing almost any day.  I have to say that I REALLY do like these patterns by Amy Bradley.  They are so colorful and whimsical.  How can anybody resist?  I guess they are patterns for kids.  However,  they are so much fun to make that you can hardly stop yourself from enjoying making them.  Each pattern has a least two quilts to make. "Meet the Tweets" has five different projects. All of them are sweet. This one is "Traveling Turtles"  My friend Donna made just the top row of it.  It's soooooo cute.  It just makes me smile.
All the patterns are made using the fusible applique method.  So they are really a cinch to make.  You can find them in the shop or on line at  I you need help....... come on in. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aunt Mary's "Spa Day"

Saturday is Aunt Mary's Day Camp "Spa Day"  How about a day that's JUST FOR YOU?  Here's whats happening..........  Come and quilt all day here at the shop from 10 - 6.  Work on any project you want. Everyone gets a pedicure right next door at a great place that I go all the time.  (Se my toies in the pic?)  I think they do a really great job! AND!  You get a wonderful box lunch from the Bakery just  a few doors down. They do some really yummy stuff.   I think it will be a really fun day! Still a few spots left.  

Friday, August 2, 2013

Let's Not Forget The Halloween Fabrc!

 Ok! So, I have shown lots of the Christmas Fabric that has been coming in.  For some reason I have neglected to mention all the really fun Halloween fabric that has arrived.  It's one of my favorite sections too.  I think it's just fun!  This is just a few pieces from a line from Blend Fabrics.  it' so retro looking to me.  I love the colors and the poison witches brew bottles are very cool.  I've got a few ideas for a project with it. 
This is a quilt that Kathy made with this great line of fabric from Elizabeth Studios.  Isn't it cute?  The fabric kind of reminds me of the Alexander Henry fabric line "The Gastlies" (Which I still have a little of, and the new stuff will be arriving real soon.  It's called "A Gastlie Christmas. SOO Cool!)  Anyway,  this is a fun new pattern from Maple Island (Makers of the BQ patterns. ) It's easy and really shows off a fabric line.  This cute "goolie" fabric worked great, I think.  This is just a little bit of the Halloween fabrics available.  If you can't stop in.......... Go to the On line store  and check out the rest of the fun Halloween fabrics.  FUN STUFF!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What To Do In The Middle Of Summer

Work on Christmas projects of course!  In all the quilt shops around the world, Christmas fabrics have been arriving daily.  Aunt Mary's is no exception.  So now is a great time to get started on a cute project.  Just yesterday, we got in a really cute pattern that makes three cute pillows.  I couldn't resist!  I started one yesterday.  I put a preview of it on facebook.  This table runner is THE quickest table runner pattern I know of.  The thing I like about it is it's so satisfying to make.  1 3/4 of any border stripe = two table runner tops and a cute little table topper.  It's instant gratification!  You can make all three in an hour or so.  It feels good to get something done so quickly.  Come on in.  I'll show you how to make one.  Or  two!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Aunt Mary's Online Store

Do you ever want to go shopping at Aunt Mary's but maybe you can't leave the house?  ie.... maybe your sick, out of gas, bad hair day?  Well now their is an answer to all your troubles!  Aunt Mary's Online!  Yep! go to and check out all the new fabrics, kits, precuts,books, notions and sew much more, from right there in your comfy chair!  It's been up for a few months and we have been adding all the new things that are coming in.  (I still have lots that I haven't gotten to yet) It will be growing by the day.  I hope you like it.  If you want to e-mail me (contact button) and let me know what you would like to see, or any suggestions at all, I would love to get your input.  Oh! and when you visit the store, I would love for you to sign up for the "Fan Club." These people will be getting great coupons and extras.  Remember with our online store - all orders over $30 - NO SHIPPING CHARGE! Order will be processed and mailed the next day. Except for Mondays. That's usually my day off.  :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

BBQ Today!

Saturday!  Today, I have lots of fun things planed.  BBQ lunch for all,  prizes, goodies and????? You never know!  I promised to have a good deal if you checked the blog or facebook before you came in today. So here it is...... Say "Carrol Say" and you will get an extra 10% off. So that will be 25% off whatever you want!  I hope to see you!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Customer Appreciation BBQ Lunch Tomorrow

Your all invited!  I will be making my famous potato salad tonight.  I have lots of plans for tomorrow.  Free BBQ lunch,  free giveaways and maybe some surprises too.  I know there are lots of things going on tomorrow.  Busy Bees Quilt Show, summer stuff....... I hope you can make time to stop by though.  See you then!  OH!  and today, if you stop in, not only will you get 15% off everything..... Say "Carrol Says" and you will get a FREE 1/2 yard of a fabric of your choice!  (with a purchase)  Wooo HOoo!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Customers or Friends?

 You know, when I think about it, I have to say I'm a VERY LUCKY GIRL!  I get to be around some of the best people on earth almost every day.  There are not very many "quilters" that are not VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE.  over the last 13 years I have made some really great friends.  I find, when I am telling who is in this or that picture, I say "this is my friend so and so."  I know they are customers, but they have become soooo much more than that to me.  They are my friends!  I get to share so much of their lives with them.  Weddings, new babies, sorrows and laughter.  They have also listened to me when I need to vent.  That makes you all friends!  Thank You!!! 

So..... Today Customer Appreciation Week continues.  Not only can you get an extra15% off a book of your choice,  For every purchase over $30 you can get a FREE fat qurter of your choice.  Just say.  "Carrol Says"  That's the password.  So stop by and help me celebrate YOU!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Celebrating My Customers

Ok, Here we go!  The first day of Customer Appreciation week.  Here is a picture of some quite infamous customers of mine.  They came into the shop about five years ago, at shop hop.  They have been favorites of mine every since.  FUN GROUP OF GIRLS!!!  I have so many favorite people though.  It will be hard to get everyone on my blog or facebook.  SO...... I told you I would be putting special things on my blog and facebook page this week, so here goes.  For today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday) If you come into the shop and tell me what this says.  You can take an additional 15% off a book of your choice.  That will make it 30% off!  Everything else in the shop is already 15% off.  We have lots and lots of books to choose from If nothing else, try to stop by on Saturday for a FREE BBQ lunch.  I make a mean potato salad! Their will other surprises that day as well. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Customer Appreciation Week at Aunt Mary's

This week we will be celebrating YOU!  All my fantastic,wonderful, gracious, talented, fun and best of the BEST customers.  It's Aunt Mary's Customer appreciation week! From Wednesday through Saturday, EVERYTHING in the shop will be 15% off.  Check my blog or my facebook page each day and get extra offers to print out and bring in.  There could be an extra percentage of or maybe even something for FREE!  On Saturday,  the 27th, we will have a FREE  BBQ lunch from 11:00 to 3:00.  Stop by and have a Hot Dog or Hamburger with the works.  I also will make my famous Potato Salad. MMMM!   On Saturday there will be FREE goodies with each purchase.  I want to say THANK YOU, to all of you that have made Aunt Mary's the Quilt Shop that it is.  I would not be here without you. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Fall Class Scedule looks Exciting!

 Oh!  The good old summer time.........  We have had such an amazing summer so far, and it looks like the weather will be good for as far as the eye can see.  Don't you just love it?  BUT!  It makes it kind of slow in the old quilt shop.  I get customers asking for a class schedule only to say, "I can't take it on THAT day!"  So, OK.  I can't blame you.  Enjoy the summer while we can.  We will have lots to look forward to in the fall.  We have been filling the calendar with some pretty neat classes for September, October November. This cute little black and white snowflake quilt is a class with Stephanie Davis, called "Snowflakes and Trees" (The tree one is at the quilters..... stay tuned) 
This is a really pretty " Bargello quilt.  The instructor will be Jan Davies. Her husband is the knife Sharpener guy that come over from Wenatchee.  He will be here in September and Jan will teach this class while she's here.  She teaches classes there and I have seen some of her other projects at the Q.A. Show.  VERY NICE!  WE have some classes for gift giving season and another Christmas Mystery.So, I think the schedule will be exciting.  Oh, did I mention we have a visit from my friend Freddy Moran?  Yep she will be here for a two day workshop.  In the mean time though. We do have a few fun classes this summer. Not to mention a few fun events like our Customer appreciation sale and BBQ, and our customer garage sale.  You should also know that Aunt Mary's has air conditioning.  We stay quite cool here.  You can come and be cool too.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Huray!!! For The American Heros Quilt Group!

I'm excited to have the American Hero's Quilt Group here in my classroom this Saturday, July 20th.  If I wasn't here in the shop most Saturdays, I would make sure to be more involved with this group.  They meet monthly in Stanwood at the senior center.  I love to host them every few months here in the shop.  I am VERY proud of their work.  They have a mission to give a hand make quilt to all the wounded soldiers. This group alone has made over 900 quilts.  I think that is so special.  When they get together each month, they work on quilts as a group.  You don't have to be responsible for a whole quilt.  You can come in and just help.  Sit and sew on a binding, press blocks, or whatever you are good at. There is something for everyone to do.  They also take donations of fabric, batting or even money.  So if your looking for something to do this Saturday, you won't be sorry you helped out!  AND, Aunt Mary's has air conditioning so it's so nice and cool in here. For more information about this group, go to  Hope to see you!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Well, I'm back! Did you miss me?  I took almost two weeks!  WOW!  I truly love my job, however it's so nice to be away for awhile.  It is a real push to get ready for "Shop Hop" and to the marathon it is to be here for it.  So, it's very nice to just be at home and enjoy life for a little bit.  My husband is working at a new job, so I only saw him on the weekends.   That was nice as well.  Time for just me.  We always have a big party for the 4th of July.  I had such a good time with my friends and family.   Lots of laughs and good fun. We had great food and the fireworks were great this year as well.   I LOVE the 4th of July!  I spent lots of time just "fiddling" around the house.  No real big projects, just tinkering.  Recently, I was diagnosed with type two Diabetes, so I have working on getting a little exercise.  We got our bikes out and got riding.  I really enjoy my bike, and there are lots of great places to ride.  The Centennial trail,  the waterfront in Everett. We even road all the way around Arlington Airport.  The great part of that ride was we conveniently parked real close to Scookum brewery. Something nice a cold to drink!  One day, my friend Heather and I went on an adventure to Laconner.  This picture was taken at Christienson Nursery.  Beautiful place!  We had a really fun day.  Such a fun time off!  It's nice to be back though.  Lots of new fabric came in while I was gone.  Time to start getting ready for some fun events coming up.  So, I will post again real soon.  Happy summer! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Tri County Treasure Chests Have Winners

I drew the names of the winners for the three big "Treasure Chests" full of quilting goodies.  Here is one of the lucky winners.  This is Pam.  She was very excited.  It's was so fun to see her look through all the goodies.  We are very lucky to have all our vendors be so generous. There was fabric, fat quarter pacs, jelly rolls, layer cakes, books, tools and so much more in the chests.  I would have loved to get one myself!  I think we had a great response to our little treasure hunt.  I know it was fun to play with the customers as they looked for our mystery clue.  I will be looking forward to doing it again next year. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Very Memory Filled Day With Lorretta Bennet From Gee's Bend

Saturday was such a fun, memorable day, here at Aunt Mary's.  Stephanie Davis hosted a gathering of quilters to spend a day with Loretta Bennet of Gee's Bend.  It was such an honor to have her here.  What a truly sweet, beautiful person.  We started the day with a video of  the story of Gee's Bend.  Then Loretta talked and answered questions about her and her family, her community and her journey. So interesting!!    This is Sue and Loretta looking at the big museum book with many quilts made by her.  The graphic style of the quilts are very distinctive. 
Look at all the smiley faces!  It was a fun group of ladies.  We had a BIG pot luck lunch and lots of giggles.  Even though I had to stay up front most of the day,  I had a great time too.  After lunch Loretta helped the group make some blocks in the "Gee's Bend" style.  The group will be  sending the blocks to Loretta for the quilters of Gee's bend to put together and quilt for them.  I get to send a block as well!  COOL!! Stephanie and Sue even got an invitation to come visit.  After a day with loretta I think she would truly love to have any of us come for a visit.  What a special lady!!!  I hope she can come back again someday. Thank You, Loretta for a very memorable day!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Traffic, Up North is Not So Bad!

The BIG Shop Hop is under a week away!  YIKES!!!!  All of the great shops in the Tri County Quilt Association are getting prepared with a vengeance.  the big question among us is how the "Bridge" is going to affect us.  Will it keep all of you from venturing north?  I sure hope not.  From all the reports that I have gotten and from going through it several times myself.  It really is not a big deal.  There is MORE traffic going through Seattle or Everett than the "bridge traffic." is causing. I personally think we have THE BEST shop in the whole shop hop in our area.  ALSO!  Don't forget about the Tri County Treasure Hunt.  This will be the second year we have held the Treasure Hunt in our "Tri County" shops.  Last year everyone really enjoyed it.  I can tell you the Treasure chests full of goodies that you can win are really fantastic!  Just wait till you see.  I will be posting a picture of them on Facebook latter today. So make plans to not miss out on all the fun stuff up north just because the news has nothing better to report than traffic.  Hope to see you all!     

Friday, June 7, 2013

New Patterns From Jenny Pedigo - WOW!

 Spring market is over and now we start getting in all the new patterns from the designers.  I am so lucky to have Jenny Pedigo lives ringht here in our area.  She let me borrow lots of her quilts for the shop.  Here are two of the new patterns, and I have four more coming in maybe today.  I just love every one of them  I know that lots of people will look at them and see curved piecing and look away. Jenny has the coolest ruler that makes it a breeze,  I'm really not just saying that to make you buy one.  I have had several customers tell me how neat her ruler is.  It's called "The Quick Curve" ruler. In each of the patterns Jenny has great instructions with detailed diagrams on how to use it. 
But, if you still don't get it....... she has wonderful videos on line.  How cool is that?  So stop in and see all the pretty quilts of Jenny's that we have on display through June.  You will be inspired!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Check out the pretty smile!

Here's my friend Dorothy with her beautiful FINISHED quilt.  Isn't it pretty?  This was our "Saturday Sampler" from last year.  She did such a great job.  I think she thought it would never get done.  She works very hard to finish all her projects.  Great job! The best part is her pretty smile.  Gotta love it!  Thank you for sharing, Dorothy!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Never Sell Yourself Short

I recently saw this on "Facebook."  It got me thinking about quilters and how under appreciated quilting can be as an art form.  For me, quilts are not just for the bed.  They truly are art.  The people that create them are amazingly talented.  Now, I'm not really talking about all the quilts you see in the big quilt shows.  I'm talking about just about anyone that takes two pretty pieces of fabric, sews it together and smiles.  It's the feeling we get when we stand back and say wow!  I like what I've done! There is sooo much feeling in a quilt.  They all have stories to tell.  They are part of my history and what people will remember me by.   It's so hard to put a price on a quilt. Many are not for sale for any price.  When I have someone ask me how much they should sell a quilt for. It's hard to come up with a fair price.  Freddy Moran says, "If you sell a quilt, You take the money and spend it or pay a bill.  Then...... You don't have the quilt and the money is gone as well!"  If you truly want to sell a quilt.  I have been told to figure out just how much it cost to make.  Price of fabric, thread, batting, and the cost of quilting if you had it done for you.  Then triple that amount.  If it's applique or lots of hand work, maybe even triple and a half or more.  I know most of you will say to yourselves "that's too much!" Nope!!! Think about all your time as well.  Your worth much more than that!  A fine quilt IS ART! Don't sell yourself short.
Ok!  Off my soapbox!  I just really love the art of quilting and the people that do it!  You guys are the best!!!! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Some Fun New Things

 New things are coming in almost every day. This is a new line from Moda called "Simple Marks." I love the colors and textures.  I'm always thinking applique, however I think this would make a great pieced quilt as well.  Hmmm.....  the possibilities ........????
I also wanted to introduce you to a new friend of mine that will be living at Aunt Mary's.  She was made by of of my favorite people.  Karen spent all last winter making these sweet knitted dolls for all of her grandchildren.  I fell in love with them, and Karen made one just for me!  Aren't I just the luckiest? 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wool Is Back at Aunt Mary's

Look what's back!  WOOL!  Several years ago, wool was all the rage.  Many of us were making penny rugs and other cute projects. Then it kind of slowed down, it go harder for me to find a good supplier, and we let it go as well.  Then....... as with so many great came back into trend.  New designers like Sue Spargo and Kim Diehl have books out that mix wool and cotton on quilts. I have to say, it's very cool!  My friend Cheryl Barron completed an absolutely gorgeous quilt that had wool appliques on a flannel background.  I think I may have to give it a try.  Two of my main suppliers now have really yummy hand dyed wool, so ordering and getting the product in will be much easier.  I'm excited!  We have fat quarters of virgin wool in very pretty colors and yesterday we got 6" squares of hand dyed! Come check it out! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Don't Miss Out On TheTri County Treasure Hunt

Last year during the big Northwest Washington Quilt Shop Hop, all the shops in the Tri County Quit Association (Snohomish,Skagit and Whatcome County) put on a "Treasure Hunt." It was really fun! Here's how it works.......At the first participating shop (South - it would be Keepsake Cottage in Bothell / North it would be one of the shops in Lynden) At each of the shops you will receive a clue to find something in the hop.  When you find it, you get your treasure map stamped. When you collect stamps from each of the shops you get into a drawing to win one of three big "Treasure" chests fill with quilting loot. I am in charge of putting the Treasure chests together this year.  I can tell you there are some really great things!  Lot's of fabric packs, books, patterns and misc. treasures.  I would like to win one myself!  So when you make your plans for shop hop this year, make time to come north!