Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Big Weekend Coming Up. Fun For All

 There is lots to get ready for this weekend!  I kind of messed up and scheduled Aunt Mary's Customer Garage Sale and Back to School Sale on the same weekend as the "Tri County 91 Mile Yard Sale. Woops!!! Oh well!  I think it will all work out great!  It all kind of goes together anyway.  You may have come to the Customer Garage sale in years past.  SOOO much fun!  I have all the tables in the classroom rented out to my customers.  Many of them have been cleaning their studios of all the things that make them feel guilty. (Or lots of it anyway) This Saturday they will be selling it all at garage sale prices! (to make room for more.) If that's not enough we also have our "Back to School Sale this Thursday through Saturday.  15% off all yardage and books.  Then........ there is the "91 Mile yard sale!!!
Each year the Tri County Quilt Association cleans out their shops of all kinds of goodies.  I like to go through all my books, patterns, fabric and even kits that have not moved as fast as I would like and mark them all down to 50% off.  I may even have a few samples to sell.  It's just a great time to clean up and get ready for new.  A really fun thing that the Tri County Association does during this event is a gift certificate give away.  For every ten dollars that you spend in our shops this weekend, you get an entry into a drawing to win an either $10 or $20 gift certificate to five of our shops.  COOL HU?   Who wouldn't want that!?? Hey! and if that's not enough!  Aunt Mary's will be hosting the QA Quilt Guild. They will be here selling tickets to win their raffle quilt.  I hear it's gorgeous!!!  It's shaping up to be a big weekend.  I hope to see you.

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