Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Almost Time For The Tri County Quilt Tour

Can you believe it's almost time to get out on the road for the Tri County Quilt Tour? Yep it's coming up in just under 52 days! So that means all of the great shops are probably deep into creating the wonderful quilts you will see. Here at Aunt Marys, I think I have a good start to a really fun quilt. I have all the blocks done anyway. Now I have to put them in the great setting I have in mind.

Here is Aunt Mary's Block. Cute Huh? Just wait! I think the finished quilt will be very cute! At least in my head it is. You will have to wait and see. All the quilts will be hung in the shop on March 1st. Whew!! I better get going!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rain, rain GO AWAY!

OK! Even me (The girl that really doesn't mind rain) is getting just a little bit tired of this nasty gloomy weather. This is what it looks like outside my window. I was born and raised in the great Northwest, and when people complain about the weather. I typically want to tell them to move to Arizona. Rain usually makes me feel cozy and homey. But Jeez!!!! I think I need more light or something.
I am very lucky to spend my days in a quilt shop where the flowers bloom all year. Here are some of the latest flowers to bloom in the shop. This one is a Phillip Jacobs, from Free Spirit.
These fresh pansies (my favorite flower cause they always look so happy) are from Northcott. They are from the "Quilt for a cure" line.
So if you are feeling a little gloomy. Stop in and smell the flowers. I feel better already!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Linda Tellesbo Teaches "Judy Niemeyer" Patterns

This March Aunt Mary's will be hosting Linda Tellesbo in a really exciting workshop that teaches how to put together some of Judy Niemeyer's Patterns. Linda has been working with Judy to be a certified instructor for her patterns. That means she knows all the tricks from the master! I have always been just a little bit in aw of these wonderful patterns. They really look very intimidating!

Well, Linda really makes them not so bad, if you know some of the great techniques that she teaches. I have several samples in the shop of the quilts she will be teaching. They are truly gorgeous!

I will also be carrying some of Judy's other great patterns as linda will be showing some at the workshop. There is still some room in the workshop, so if this is something you would like to do. Don't wait too long. Give me a call and get signed up. You wont be sorry!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Quilting With Roxanne! Block of the Month 2010

I am Sooooo lucky to Roxanne Carter teach in my shop six times each month. I just can't say enough about her. She is so talented! On top of all the wonderful patterns she supplies us with each year (and helping students with their other projects) She puts out a block of the month each year. This lovely quilt was made by Shereen, and was from last years classes. Roxanne supplies each student with a pattern for the blocks each month, which usually teaches a new technique. So by the end of the year you have an amazing masterpiece, and I guarantee you will learn lots of tricks along the way.
Roxanne has a new block of the month for this year. Well it's more like a "row" of the month. It's very pretty and you can make it in several sizes. Maybe you want to join us. Check out her schedule on my web site and give me a call.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Of The Month

Just got this wonderful book into the shop. I think it inspires great inspiration. Written by Tonya Ricucci a fan of Gwen Marston. (She wrote the forward) Tonya makes it easy to put words into our quilts. Something I guess I haven't really given too much thought about. When the book came into the shop not to long ago, I unpacked the box and gave the book a little flip through but didn't give it much of a look. Then My friend Stephanie came in and she was working on a gorgeous quilt with a meaningful quote on it. I is sooo great! What a GREAT IDEA!!! Now I am in love with this book! Tonya's blog is cute too.
Now I have visions of all the great quilts I can do with words. Maybe in my next story quilt. Can't wait!!! I think this book deserves a second (third an fourth) look.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Classes!

I am very excited about our winter class schedule. I think we have some really fun classes coming up This one is called "Let's Twist" Sharon Szekley will be teaching it. She has a really fun method to make it.
Judy Irish will be showing us some fun ways to use the great new fabric paints and inks that are so fun to use. Oh! and she is also teaching her machine quilting class. So if you want to learn some tricks from a master. Here's your opportunity.

This little organizer is a "Jitter Bucket." My good friend and amazing quilter, Sue Utt, will be teaching this class. It's made from a paint bucket. It's so much fun to make, I bet you can't stop at making just one. It's great for organizing all kinds of areas in you home.
This Saturday, from 10 to - 1. We will be having "Meet The Teacher" here in the classroom. Stop by, check out the samples and get signed up! It's good for us to learn something new!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ring In The New!

Well, last week was the end of the year. We had a big sale and got inventory down for dreaded inventory. The shop was looking kind of slim. (I wish the same went for me). But, now it's the first of the year and NEW stuff is arriving. I love it. while it's blowing, and raining and other yucky things out side. Inside, bright sunny fabrics are coming in. It's been fun unwrapping and finding good places for it to call home for a while until it gets adopted and goes home with someone.
New class samples are coming in from the teachers for the exciting classes happening soon. This is the "Tuffit" class sample from Krista's Class. We did this one in the last schedule. It was a packed house! Everyone made such fun projects, and most made more than one latter for Christmas presents. I would have loved to be on their list. Stay tuned for more new, Soon!