Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary Aunt Mary!!! Yep it's been an absolutely wondrous ten years. I can not begin to express how I feel when I look back over the last ten years. I have made so many wonderful friends, had some fun times and made some great memories. I FEEL SOOOOO LUCKY!!! Really! What other job could ever be better? As I was making the slide show of the last ten years, I loved seeing how far the shop has come. From the very beginnings before there was even fabric, and even seeing how big my son has gotten. He's a man now! To a full shop with great quilts fabric and people.
WOW! There were some bittersweet moments also seeing pictures of some dear friends that are no longer with us. (Well, maybe I still feel Joanne sometimes. I will always miss her)

Most of all, I feel very grateful to all my wonderful friends and customers that made it a success! If It were not for you, Aunt Mary's would not be here. THANK YOU!!!!
I hope you all can come to the big party on Saturday, January 30th to help me celebrate.
Here's to another Ten!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spring Is On It's Way

It's a sure sign when the pretty spring colors start to arrive in the shop. This group from Clothworks just sings springtime

Some great new fabrics from Kaffe Fasset and his partner Brandon, have just arrives and they are truly lovely!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentines For Your Valentine

Remember the cute, easy Christmas tree napkins? Well now you can make Valentines!!! Very simple. Cut them out... Sew right sides together... turn.. press and VOILA!!! Very sweet!! The kit makes four napkins.
We have some sweet valentine fabrics to choose from if you would like to make your valentine something special. It's not too late and you can keep it simple.....How about a Valentine Pillow Case? Or place mats to go with your napkins?

Happy Valentines Day! it's so important in life to never pass up a chance to say "I LOVE YOU"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Show and Tell

This was a weekend for show and tell! I just love it when customers bring in quilts that they have done that were inspired by something in the shop or from a class that they take here. This nice lady with the great smile came in to share this quilt with us. It's from the Tri County Quilt tour from last year. She liked our setting so did one for herself. GREAT!!!!! Woo Hooo!!!! It makes me feel good!!!!!

This is karen. she took my Needleturn Applique class, and finished her top. Isn't it wonderful?! AND she says she enjoys the process. I think she will continue to work on applique. That just pleases me to no end teaching someone something new that they really enjoy!!! Life is good!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

American Hero's, WOW!!!!

WOWZER!!! The troops sure landed at Aunt Mary's yesterday. All these great people came to work on quilts for wounded soldiers at Madigan Hospital. I was worried we wouldn't have enough room for everyone to work. but quilters are so wonderful! They just snuggled up and had a great time.
Show and tell was is my favorite! It's so neat to see some of the completed quilts. You should also note that we have a man in the group! He's very nice and comes with his wife to work on quilts. You really can feel the love that these soldiers are going to feel receiving these gifts of love.

People donate the BEST things! This quilt was done with lots of patriotic embroidered blocks. The quilt is going to be a stunner! This group meets monthly in Stanwood. If you would like more information Give us a call at the shop and we will fill you in or go to and watch for their next apperence at Aunt Mary's April 17th

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book Club

Today was Aunt Mary's Book Club. I really, really enjoy this group. Last Month we read "The Hotel on The Corner Of Bitter and Sweet" What a fantastic book! But, the best part is discussing the book with the group. We all see things differently. This time many of the group were children when the story took place and remembered a lot from those times.. So it brought us all a different perspective. Sometimes, even if I'm not to crazy about the book. someone bring something to the discussion that makes you think about it a little differently. What a great thing!! If you have ever anted to join a book group. Stop by and pick up a copy of the book and join us the first Thursday of next month. We would love to have you join us.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Friend Ethel

This is my friend Ethel. Many of you might have stoped in on one of my days off and found her here with a smile on her face and ready to help you with all your quilting projects. She is just the bee's knees!!!! It's really not been easy replacing Pat, that now live happily in Arizona. (Of all places) But Ethel is doing a great job. She also has been teaching a few classes, and everyone loves her relaxed teaching style. the quilt in the picture was a class sample from "Stacked Posies" that she did in a great Santa fabric. Joanne loved it soooo much that Ethel gave it to her. She has such a big heart! I know Ethel will become a big fixture here at Aunt Mary's!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

American Heros Group coming to Aunt Mary's

This Saturday, January 9th, Aunt Mary's will be hosting a great group in the classroom. The American Hero's Quilt Group. I just love these ladies (opps and gentelman) and all the work they do for our wounded solders. They have been making quilts for all the solders that arrive at Madigan Army Hospital. They would just love to have you come join them. There is something for everyone to do even if you don't make a whole quilt. Come help with a binding or cutting. I know you will enjoy your time and your efforts will be greatly appreciated.