Sunday, January 10, 2010

American Hero's, WOW!!!!

WOWZER!!! The troops sure landed at Aunt Mary's yesterday. All these great people came to work on quilts for wounded soldiers at Madigan Hospital. I was worried we wouldn't have enough room for everyone to work. but quilters are so wonderful! They just snuggled up and had a great time.
Show and tell was is my favorite! It's so neat to see some of the completed quilts. You should also note that we have a man in the group! He's very nice and comes with his wife to work on quilts. You really can feel the love that these soldiers are going to feel receiving these gifts of love.

People donate the BEST things! This quilt was done with lots of patriotic embroidered blocks. The quilt is going to be a stunner! This group meets monthly in Stanwood. If you would like more information Give us a call at the shop and we will fill you in or go to and watch for their next apperence at Aunt Mary's April 17th

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