Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary Aunt Mary!!! Yep it's been an absolutely wondrous ten years. I can not begin to express how I feel when I look back over the last ten years. I have made so many wonderful friends, had some fun times and made some great memories. I FEEL SOOOOO LUCKY!!! Really! What other job could ever be better? As I was making the slide show of the last ten years, I loved seeing how far the shop has come. From the very beginnings before there was even fabric, and even seeing how big my son has gotten. He's a man now! To a full shop with great quilts fabric and people.
WOW! There were some bittersweet moments also seeing pictures of some dear friends that are no longer with us. (Well, maybe I still feel Joanne sometimes. I will always miss her)

Most of all, I feel very grateful to all my wonderful friends and customers that made it a success! If It were not for you, Aunt Mary's would not be here. THANK YOU!!!!
I hope you all can come to the big party on Saturday, January 30th to help me celebrate.
Here's to another Ten!!!!

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