Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What To Do In The Middle Of Summer

Work on Christmas projects of course!  In all the quilt shops around the world, Christmas fabrics have been arriving daily.  Aunt Mary's is no exception.  So now is a great time to get started on a cute project.  Just yesterday, we got in a really cute pattern that makes three cute pillows.  I couldn't resist!  I started one yesterday.  I put a preview of it on facebook.  This table runner is THE quickest table runner pattern I know of.  The thing I like about it is it's so satisfying to make.  1 3/4 of any border stripe = two table runner tops and a cute little table topper.  It's instant gratification!  You can make all three in an hour or so.  It feels good to get something done so quickly.  Come on in.  I'll show you how to make one.  Or  two!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Aunt Mary's Online Store

Do you ever want to go shopping at Aunt Mary's but maybe you can't leave the house?  ie.... maybe your sick, out of gas, bad hair day?  Well now their is an answer to all your troubles!  Aunt Mary's Online!  Yep! go to and check out all the new fabrics, kits, precuts,books, notions and sew much more, from right there in your comfy chair!  It's been up for a few months and we have been adding all the new things that are coming in.  (I still have lots that I haven't gotten to yet) It will be growing by the day.  I hope you like it.  If you want to e-mail me (contact button) and let me know what you would like to see, or any suggestions at all, I would love to get your input.  Oh! and when you visit the store, I would love for you to sign up for the "Fan Club." These people will be getting great coupons and extras.  Remember with our online store - all orders over $30 - NO SHIPPING CHARGE! Order will be processed and mailed the next day. Except for Mondays. That's usually my day off.  :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

BBQ Today!

Saturday!  Today, I have lots of fun things planed.  BBQ lunch for all,  prizes, goodies and????? You never know!  I promised to have a good deal if you checked the blog or facebook before you came in today. So here it is...... Say "Carrol Say" and you will get an extra 10% off. So that will be 25% off whatever you want!  I hope to see you!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Customer Appreciation BBQ Lunch Tomorrow

Your all invited!  I will be making my famous potato salad tonight.  I have lots of plans for tomorrow.  Free BBQ lunch,  free giveaways and maybe some surprises too.  I know there are lots of things going on tomorrow.  Busy Bees Quilt Show, summer stuff....... I hope you can make time to stop by though.  See you then!  OH!  and today, if you stop in, not only will you get 15% off everything..... Say "Carrol Says" and you will get a FREE 1/2 yard of a fabric of your choice!  (with a purchase)  Wooo HOoo!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Customers or Friends?

 You know, when I think about it, I have to say I'm a VERY LUCKY GIRL!  I get to be around some of the best people on earth almost every day.  There are not very many "quilters" that are not VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE.  over the last 13 years I have made some really great friends.  I find, when I am telling who is in this or that picture, I say "this is my friend so and so."  I know they are customers, but they have become soooo much more than that to me.  They are my friends!  I get to share so much of their lives with them.  Weddings, new babies, sorrows and laughter.  They have also listened to me when I need to vent.  That makes you all friends!  Thank You!!! 

So..... Today Customer Appreciation Week continues.  Not only can you get an extra15% off a book of your choice,  For every purchase over $30 you can get a FREE fat qurter of your choice.  Just say.  "Carrol Says"  That's the password.  So stop by and help me celebrate YOU!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Celebrating My Customers

Ok, Here we go!  The first day of Customer Appreciation week.  Here is a picture of some quite infamous customers of mine.  They came into the shop about five years ago, at shop hop.  They have been favorites of mine every since.  FUN GROUP OF GIRLS!!!  I have so many favorite people though.  It will be hard to get everyone on my blog or facebook.  SO...... I told you I would be putting special things on my blog and facebook page this week, so here goes.  For today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday) If you come into the shop and tell me what this says.  You can take an additional 15% off a book of your choice.  That will make it 30% off!  Everything else in the shop is already 15% off.  We have lots and lots of books to choose from If nothing else, try to stop by on Saturday for a FREE BBQ lunch.  I make a mean potato salad! Their will other surprises that day as well. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Customer Appreciation Week at Aunt Mary's

This week we will be celebrating YOU!  All my fantastic,wonderful, gracious, talented, fun and best of the BEST customers.  It's Aunt Mary's Customer appreciation week! From Wednesday through Saturday, EVERYTHING in the shop will be 15% off.  Check my blog or my facebook page each day and get extra offers to print out and bring in.  There could be an extra percentage of or maybe even something for FREE!  On Saturday,  the 27th, we will have a FREE  BBQ lunch from 11:00 to 3:00.  Stop by and have a Hot Dog or Hamburger with the works.  I also will make my famous Potato Salad. MMMM!   On Saturday there will be FREE goodies with each purchase.  I want to say THANK YOU, to all of you that have made Aunt Mary's the Quilt Shop that it is.  I would not be here without you. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Fall Class Scedule looks Exciting!

 Oh!  The good old summer time.........  We have had such an amazing summer so far, and it looks like the weather will be good for as far as the eye can see.  Don't you just love it?  BUT!  It makes it kind of slow in the old quilt shop.  I get customers asking for a class schedule only to say, "I can't take it on THAT day!"  So, OK.  I can't blame you.  Enjoy the summer while we can.  We will have lots to look forward to in the fall.  We have been filling the calendar with some pretty neat classes for September, October November. This cute little black and white snowflake quilt is a class with Stephanie Davis, called "Snowflakes and Trees" (The tree one is at the quilters..... stay tuned) 
This is a really pretty " Bargello quilt.  The instructor will be Jan Davies. Her husband is the knife Sharpener guy that come over from Wenatchee.  He will be here in September and Jan will teach this class while she's here.  She teaches classes there and I have seen some of her other projects at the Q.A. Show.  VERY NICE!  WE have some classes for gift giving season and another Christmas Mystery.So, I think the schedule will be exciting.  Oh, did I mention we have a visit from my friend Freddy Moran?  Yep she will be here for a two day workshop.  In the mean time though. We do have a few fun classes this summer. Not to mention a few fun events like our Customer appreciation sale and BBQ, and our customer garage sale.  You should also know that Aunt Mary's has air conditioning.  We stay quite cool here.  You can come and be cool too.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Huray!!! For The American Heros Quilt Group!

I'm excited to have the American Hero's Quilt Group here in my classroom this Saturday, July 20th.  If I wasn't here in the shop most Saturdays, I would make sure to be more involved with this group.  They meet monthly in Stanwood at the senior center.  I love to host them every few months here in the shop.  I am VERY proud of their work.  They have a mission to give a hand make quilt to all the wounded soldiers. This group alone has made over 900 quilts.  I think that is so special.  When they get together each month, they work on quilts as a group.  You don't have to be responsible for a whole quilt.  You can come in and just help.  Sit and sew on a binding, press blocks, or whatever you are good at. There is something for everyone to do.  They also take donations of fabric, batting or even money.  So if your looking for something to do this Saturday, you won't be sorry you helped out!  AND, Aunt Mary's has air conditioning so it's so nice and cool in here. For more information about this group, go to  Hope to see you!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Well, I'm back! Did you miss me?  I took almost two weeks!  WOW!  I truly love my job, however it's so nice to be away for awhile.  It is a real push to get ready for "Shop Hop" and to the marathon it is to be here for it.  So, it's very nice to just be at home and enjoy life for a little bit.  My husband is working at a new job, so I only saw him on the weekends.   That was nice as well.  Time for just me.  We always have a big party for the 4th of July.  I had such a good time with my friends and family.   Lots of laughs and good fun. We had great food and the fireworks were great this year as well.   I LOVE the 4th of July!  I spent lots of time just "fiddling" around the house.  No real big projects, just tinkering.  Recently, I was diagnosed with type two Diabetes, so I have working on getting a little exercise.  We got our bikes out and got riding.  I really enjoy my bike, and there are lots of great places to ride.  The Centennial trail,  the waterfront in Everett. We even road all the way around Arlington Airport.  The great part of that ride was we conveniently parked real close to Scookum brewery. Something nice a cold to drink!  One day, my friend Heather and I went on an adventure to Laconner.  This picture was taken at Christienson Nursery.  Beautiful place!  We had a really fun day.  Such a fun time off!  It's nice to be back though.  Lots of new fabric came in while I was gone.  Time to start getting ready for some fun events coming up.  So, I will post again real soon.  Happy summer!