Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A succesful Garage Sale Day

Saturday was Aunt Mary's big "Customer Garage Sale"  Everyone had a wonderful time!  The classroom had seven tables full of quilting stuff.  The American Hero's group had a table with lots and lots of GREAT stuff.  Some really great kits and fabric packs.  I love supporting this group.  They really work hard for their wonderful cause.  They are schedued to be here working in the classroom  on Saturday November 20th.  Maybe you can come lend a hand. 

Here's Judy and Denise's tables.  They had lot of great fabric.  Customers were  taking out garbage bags full of goodies.  There were a lot of bets that Judy would take home more than she brought in.  I'm pretty sure I won that bet.  She just can't help it.  But, to her credit, there really  was a lot of great things at bargain prices!

We also had the ladies from Camano Island Quilters Guild here selling tickets for their raffle quilt.  It's really a beautiful quilt!  I think they did well and added to their tans also.  It was such a  pretty day out. So all in all,  I think this years garage sale was a success!  I'm already looking forward to next year.  Maybe you want to be looking around your quilting room for next year too.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting Ready!

I'm still here!  I haven't posted anything in a while. Sorry!!!  I have been busy getting ready for our fall  quarter.  Getting teachers all booked for classes. Getting the newsletter done and out.  Getting ready for the big Garage Sale on Saturday.  I'm looking forward to that.  It's always been a big hit with both customers and the sellers.  It looks like it will be kind of rainy this week end so maybe that will get everyone in the mood for quilters garage saleing.  We will have some real star vendors here.  Judy  Irish is going to have a table.  If you have ever seen Judy's stash, I think it's almost a guarantee to have some real  goodies here. So  I  hope you can stop by.  I also have been talking to my web site manager and hope to have a new look coming up on my web page. With more pictures of kits available,  fabric packs and other goodies.  But I will try to make more room for the blog also.  I hope you enjoy it.  Sign up at the bottom of the page to be a follower and you can leave me comments on the posts.  I love to hear from you! 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Triangle Party #1

Today  was  Aunt  Mary's  First  "Friendship  Triangle  Exchange Party".  I  think  it was fun!  We  all got busy counting out our triangles and  then got to go angling for more.  Here's  Dorothy  trying her luck.  I think she caught her limit. We  also had some demonstrations on some great techniques, products and a new ruler, all to  help make half square triangle easier to make. 

Here we are doing the exchange.  I was kind of worried that it was going to be a lot of work counting out how many each person got, but it turned out to be kind of fun.  Kim here was a very big help.  She did lots of counting to ten.  They didn't seam to want me to help though. Maybe cause I count out loud and get them mixed up. For those of you that missed out.  We will be doing it again on Saturday,  September 11th.  With more fun projects, demos and you just never know what else I will come up with!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fall Is In The Air

Yep!  I know it's the middle of August.  We just had a big heat wave.  But  I'm starting to feel  Fall in the air.  Moms are "back to school" shopping.  Football was on TV the other day.  Yep! It's on the way.  I have new Halloween fabric in.  Even a simple little Halloween Project to get you started. I have also started getting the Fall  Class  Schedule started.  It  looks like we will have some fun classes.  So watch for a new newsletter coming any day now. 
Here is one of the great classes we will be having in our fall line up of classes. This class will be taught by Suz  Litzinger, a fabulous teacher from Bellingham.  It teaches  Machine  Applique.  Looks  Fun!   love these colors.  She has another quilt from this pattern using  lots of Kaffe  Fasset  Fabrics.  Yum!!!  Savor the summer while you can cause fall is almost here!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anglers Wanted!

This Saturday, August 21st will be our first FRIENDSHIP TRIANGLE PARTY! I think we are going to have fun. If you have made any of the triangles this is the time to bring them in to be exchanged. We will be having games to win more triangles already made, and show off some of the projects you can make with your triangles. If you feel like being in a cool air conditioned environment with lots of like minded fun ladies, bring in your sewing machine and get started on your project. Fun!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Learning New Tricks

Today is Roxanne's Girls Day Out at Aunt Mary's. It's always a flurry of activity around here when she's here. Here are some of the girls working hard. Roxanne demonstrated a new triangle square up ruler today. It makes trimming Half square triangles a snap!

Here's my friend, Norada, sharing a beautiful quilt she did at Roxanne's latest retreat. (I have heard so many great things about her retreats!) She used one of Roxanne's patterns that uses a layer cake. Roxanne always makes it easy!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Here's my great friend Heather. I tell you what. Just when you think all is kind of quiet around here, nothing much going on.....you can count on Heather for some comedy relief! Here she is! I think the purse looks great on her head. She's so cool! I was just reading Marylou's blog. One of the story quilts on it says "Well behaved women seldom make history" I think Heather will definitely go down is history. We will talk about her forever! I am so glad that the shop is the kind of place you can be goofy and relax in. Thank You Heather!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Projects to do!

Isn't this just the coolest! It's from a Buggy Barn book "Celebrated Craziness" As you all probably know. I LOVE BUGGY BARN PATTERNS!!! They are so much fun to do. They are so carefree and whimsical! I teach a class to help others fall in love with them and it's been one of my most popular classes. This particular quilt was supper easy, so it would make a great beginning Buggy Barn project for someone. Watch for a Buggy Barn class coming up in the fall schedule.