Thursday, December 30, 2010

Space!!! The Exciting Frontier

It's the end of the year! What a great year it has been! Here at Aunt Mary's we have had a very successful "End Of The Year Sale" I have a whole empty shelf where Christmas fabrics used to be, and other spaces throughout the shop. I get kind of excited! At the first of the year we have so many wonderful things to look forward to here. Our 10th Anniversary, New classes, Tri County Quilt tour and sooooooo much more! Not to mention LOTS of new fabric coming in! I like to start out the new year with new displays, and new quilts hanging. I guess I'm am kind of overwhelmed! So much to do! But, it all fun stuff. So HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Let's get at it!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wishing Everyone A Magical Christmas

Ho, Ho, Ho! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The Shop is by tradition, VERY SLOW! You are all doing your last minute miracles. Husbands and kids have been in looking for special goodies for you, but other than that, the shop is quiet. I really kind enjoy the hush. I have spent this morning getting ready for the end of the year sale and printing newsletters. Almost everything I have to do is done. So now I will relax and enjoy!
I hope you can spend some time just enjoying the minutes also.

To you and all your loved ones....... Have a happy, peaceful holiday!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

What I Have Been Working On This Holiday Season

Aren't theses blocks FUN? They are hanging above my desk. It's the project that I have been working on for a few weeks. Its a quilt kit that I have here in the shop. It's called "Noel" By Verna Mosquera. Shes the amazing designer from Vintage Spool. I have done a few of her patterns. She's one of my favorite designers. This one has fabric from Free Spirit. At first I wasn't too sure I liked the fabrics she chose. But working with it and seeing the blocks come together. I LOVE IT! It's going to be a real treasure. I have a few more blocks done, so I have to put them up on the wall so that you can watch it grow. If you are interested in a kit, stop in and see me.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wow! Megga Cool EQ 7 Just In

Just got the new software from "Electric Quilt" into the shop. Boy Oh Boy Does it look interesting!
I have had electric quilt 5 in my computer for several years and have not updated it for the last few upgrades. I use it quite often for class lessons and working on quilt designs. Plus, I can find all the traditional quilt blocks for customers that they can't find a pattern for and help them design a quilt with them. But it has it's limitations.
THIS new version looks mega cool!!! It does all kinds of things that mine doesn't. This one lets you scan in your fabric and use it in your design. You can also scan in a photo and do fun things with it. It lets you drag and drop all different sizes of blocks onto your quilt to make nontraditional settings. Plus lots of other fun options. I may have to spring for it myself.
Maybe Santa can bring one for you?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Here Are Some Of My Favorite Things

There is a skinny little glass case that divides the classroom with the rest of the shop. Maybe you have noticed it. It's crammed full of lots of little fun things. Antiques, buttons little do dahs. It's lots of my favorite things. I love to have it behind glass because I can enjoy it and I don't have to dust it.

I have been reading a great book called Kick-ass Creativity. I recommend it to anyone. One of the things it talks about is when things are getting us down and or we are thinking about something that is bothering us and we can't seem to think about anything else. OK, obsessing about things! We need to have something that can take our minds off of it for a little while. Something that makes us happy. It doesn't have to be anything big. Maybe a fabric collection? It's good for us to give ourselves time to enjoy something. I hope you have some of your favorite things where you can enjoy them.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pillow Cases! Every body LOVES Them

You know, I just don't give this tried and true project enough credit. I always think.... Well.... Everyone has already done this project. BUT, it's still one of the most loved projects to make. Every one truly loves to receive them and they really could not be easier to make. I have a demo set up in the shop if you don't know how to make one. It takes just four straight seams and about 15 minutes to make one. It's a great very first sewing project for a teen.
I have been making these for all my family since before I had a quilt shop. Andy must have been around eight. Well, several Christmases ago, I thought I would skip it and not make them. He's twenty two now and they must be bored with them by now. Well, you would have thought I didn't love them any more. I got all kinds of complaints. So, now it's just a tradition for Christmas and their birthdays. I pick out something that fits their personalities, and make them their special pillowcases. Because, yes! I still love them very much. Don't let on how easy they are.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Cherry Tweet"

A new kit has been added to the family of quilts in the shop. This one is called "Cherry Tweet" I really enjoyed appliqueing it this summer and fall. It was my project that I worked on while watching my son play summer ball. I even worked on it at a few mariners games this summer. If you look real close you can probably find a little mustard on a piece or two. It's amazing how I always seam to associate a project with the time I spent working on it. So this one will be a very good memory. Looking at it I can just smell the grass and hear the sounds of the game. Weird huh?
So anyway this is now a kit in the shop. All ready for you to make your memories with.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Not To Late To Make A Special Tablerunner

Check this out! Possibly THE quickest table runner pattern on earth! Find yourself a pretty border stripe and using the 60 degree ruler make a few cuts, sew a few seams and..... Voila!!! A Christmas Table runner!!! Only 1 1/2 yards of fabric will make TWO tops. Then, if you don't want to bother with a binding, just do a pillowcase turn, and top stitch. You know, it doesn't have to be a Christmas table runner. Find a pretty floral or themed fabric for the rest of the year.
I hope you are all having a magical holiday season. This time of the year, the shop slows down. You are all doing all your holiday duties. So I have lots of time to dream up new projects and fun things for you all to take part in latter in the winter season. I have been working on a new applique quilt that I have been really enjoying. Stay tuned for pictures. It's also time to get serious about getting a winter newsletter done. Sew much to do! Better get at it!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Famous Christmas Tree Napkins

This one is possibly the easiest project I'm going to show you! We have been doing these kits for several years and the novelty just has not worn off. Everyone would love a set of these fun little Christmas tree napkins. The kit makes four. then you have the patterns to use over and over. Make a set for everyone you know. It really won't take much time. Promise!!! For all of you that keep telling me you have a boat load of Christmas fabric....... here you go.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zipity Do Dah!

Ok! as promised. Here is another fun easy project that can be done in no time. Aren't these great? Make a makeup purse, (or treasure bag) and embellish it with ric rac or buttons or just let the fabric do the talking. these are both new patterns from Atkinson designs. How about a fun bag to keep your glasses or sunglasses?
And, just look at these beautiful colored zippers that you can put into your project. I just love how they have just about any color you could possibly need. It really is the Icing on the cake! Great!!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fast, Easy, Holiday Projects For Everyone

Ho,Ho.Ho! The biggest Holiday season is upon us! It's been a tradition in my life to make gifts for my friends and people I love. I think it's so much more personal than going to the mall. What could be better than spending a wintry day at home crafting something special? The thing is what you make does not have to be difficult. Why not play with fun things that can be made in an afternoon. So, this month on my blog I will try to show some really fast, fun and beautiful projects that you can make without getting stressed. The first one is made from the new "toweling by the yard" that I got in from Moda. It's only $5.99 a yard. You could make towels (of course) by just hemming up the edges, Or make these beautiful throw pillows. I made this one with just 3/4 of a yard. can't you just picture a pile of these in a comfy chair in the kitchen? Sweet!!! I can't imagine it would take ANYONE more than fifteen twenty minutes to make one. Check in soon for more ideas.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sometimes Simple is the BEST

Isn't this just a gorgeous pillow? My friend Donna made it, and it is soooooo simple! Just find yourself a big beautiful print that you can't live without, Sandwich it with batting and do some stitching.
It's really a great place to practice your free motion quilting. Come on! You can do it! Just follow the curves of the flowers and have some fun. If you use some beautiful varigated thread you can't go wrong. Then make it into a pillow. What a great gift for someone you love! They will think you are amazing!