Saturday, December 29, 2012

Out With Old! In With The New!

Well!  Here we are - The End of the year!  At Aunt Mary's, that always means a big sale.  Get that inventory down!  Less counting! This year, the sale has been going well.  My shelves are looking a little spacious.  That's really a good thing.  I sometimes get a customer that thinks we are going out of business.  NOPE!  Not that I know of!  It's just nice to move out the old and make room for all the new stuff coming in after the first of the year. As a matter of fact, I decided to extend our big "End Of The Year Sale" till Monday.  Everything in the shop is 20% off or more! 
 Tomorrow, our Christmas Tree comes down.  (SAD)  All the other ornaments will be finding their way back into boxes and then the NEW quilts can get put up.  There are lots of new classes, so the samples will be arriving in the shop soon.  I really do look forward to the new year.    
Here's a new quilt we put up just recently.  I think it's great for this time of year.  When I used to have a garden at home, I would get all the seed catalogs in the mail.  It's time to start dreaming about a garden.  I think this quilt reminds me of that.  It's a really simple quilt to make too.  There are KITS available.  So, stay tuned!  Soon there will be lots and lots of new fabric, ideas and classes. Can't wait!!! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holiday! Ho, Ho, Ho,

Twas two days before Christmas, and all through the quilt shop. Not a creature was stirring!  Yep! The days before Christmas can be kind of lonely.  You all are doing your holiday things.  If your projects aren't done by now, you certainly wont be starting a new one.  So that leaves the shop kind of quiet.  But that's really kind of a blessing.  There are always things for me to do.  The new newsletter is almost done and I have class folders to take care of. The big 'End of the Year" Sale starts on Wednesday.  I have to get ready for that.  AND YES!  I have some things to make for my family for Christmas.  (I waited to see if the world ended. It didn't. So, now I have to get ready for Christmas)  We really don't so much.  I love to make a big dinner, spend time with my big boys, and relax.  We don't do much for presents.  The one thing my kids have all decided we just can't live without, is pillowcases.  So now I have to figure out exactly the right fabric for them.  Well, maybe it won't be such a slow day.  I have plenty to do!  Merry Christmas One and All!!!!! See you on Wednesday!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Roxanne's Block of the Month 2013

Here's the famous Roxanne Carter!  I am so lucky to have her teach here six times each month.  She has such a big following and it's growing all the time. She can take on a class of eight to ten students, some of them brand new to quilting, a few that need help with a project that they are stuck on, and a few that are working on very complicated projects.  Now, most instructors would be pulling out her hair! Not Roxanne!  She is very calm, knows her stuff and takes care of EVERYONE.  She's like mom.  She has eyes in back of her head.  I've had students wonder how she knows from clear across the room that you need help.  When you sign up and take one of her classes she gives you one of her new patterns.  She has new quilts, and patterns  ready clear through July.  Her patterns are all fun and she makes them very doable with quick piecing techniques.  This is her new "Block of the Month" for 2013.  Each month she will hand out the pattern for a block.  This is in addition to the quilt pattern you get.  So, if you do a block each month you to can have this beautiful quilt by the end of the year. Ok! No pressure. This version is the queen size.  She also will give you instructions for a twin size.  Stop in and get her schedule, and get going!  This would be a FUN new years resolution! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Celebration Tree Skirt Class

What a fun day!  this was the second installment of L inda Tellesbo's class for the "Celebration Tree Skirt." Here is one of the finished tops.  The colors for this one are just THE BEST!  It looks like a giant snow flake.  It's got sparkly fabric interspersed all through it.  I think she should put some crystals on it as well to give it even more sparkle.  i asked her if she was going to make it a tree skirt or a table topper.  She said she just couldn't put a hole in it now.  Personally I wouldn't want to cover it with presents.  It's just too pretty!
 Now these girls are making the "Bali Wedding Star"  Such a pretty quilt!  They made allot of progress in the two session class and they know how to finish it.  I can't wait to see the quilts finished.  
Here's Linda showing how to do a technique.  She is a very good instructor.  She will be here teaching a "Technique of the month" starting in February.  There are two different quilts for the students to choose from.  It's a six month workshop.  So, that will be one full Saturday a month for six months.    
This is one of the quilts that can be made in this workshop.  Linda tells me there are optional borders for each of them that will make them approximately  90 inches square. These patterns are only available by taking the workshop.  Pretty cool!  If you think you would like to join us.  Give us a call and get signed up.   

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Projects Finished!

Ta Dah!  Here is Dorthy with her FINISHED "Bali Wedding Star."  I think her smile is as pretty as the quilt.  We have had this as a class twice now and all of the quilts are just amazing.  I love to have you all come in and share with me.  Sometimes you won't let me take your picture though.  I have a really wonderful man quilter that has been working on quilts for his grand kids for Christmas.  I think he is almost done with three gorgeous quilts.  He won't let me take his picture though.  Oh well.  I am still very proud of him.  He is pretty new to quilting. He tells me he wanted to give it a shot.  Between you and me - I think he's hooked!  We will be seeing more of him!  Love it!!.  Keep bringing in your finished projects.  I really love to see them.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Here is a REALLY Good Book!

Sometimes I think I just don't have enough time for everything I want to do.  This quilt shop business takes allot of time!  I can remember when a new box of books came in I would sit down and go through them cover to cover.  Now, so many times I just put them out on the shelf with hardly a thumb through.  That's how this book slipped through the cracks and I didn't even give it a second glance. That Is until one quiet afternoon, I knocked over a stack of books  and I noticed this book.  WOW!!!  I love it!  Victoria is a blogger that I have read and really liked, so I'm not sure why I didn't take notice.  
This book is full of great ideas.  Very inspirational.  She takes 15 minutes each day to "play" with fabric.  Just sewing it together and seeing what you get. In this way, she makes her own fabric.   You will have to take a look at some of the really wonderful creations she has made.   Her "Scrap Challenges"  will help you learn to use up all those wonderful fabric treasures you have in bins at home. If you get a chance you need to take a few minutes and sit down with a cup of something wonderful and enjoy this book!  P.S. I have added a link to Victoria's blog on my favorites.  Check her out!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Saturday is "Last Minute Gift Demo Day"

 Tomorrow is Last minute Gift Demo Day here at Aunt Mary's!  I have been preparing all kinds of demos for all of you to come and see.  I know you probably vowed to get all your gifts for Christmas started and finished by the fourth of July and now it's gotten down to the last minute and you still have some gifts to make.  All of the fun things on my list  take about two hours or less to make.  I know, I know!  You could probably go to the mall and find some things that will do.   However,  I  don't like the whole feel of Christmas at the mall.  I would SOOOO rather spend the after noon in my cozy room, with some good music or reruns of Christmas movies on and create some special gifts for everyone on my list.  It's such a great feeling, and wouldn't rather get a gift that was made with just YOU in mind?   This  bag is one of my demos.  It's "The Mini Bow Tucks" bag.  I took it home last night, cut it out and finished it in an hour and a half!  Ok! Maybe more like two hours,  I watched Greys Anatomy and Scandal.  Who watches the clock?
These are our famous Place Mats.  I can't tell you how many of these I have made over the years.  They make great gifts for people that have everything.  Customize the fabric to match the personality.  Kids love them too.  I sometimes use Isulbrite.  It's an insulated batting.  That way they protect my oak table from the heat.  They also wash up beautifully.

Here is another great project!  Our Roll Up Bag.  I use one for my Applique things.  I can roll up a block with all my threads, markers and other goodies and off I  go! They make great gifts for lots of people.  I had one customer that made them for her grand kids.  She filled them with colored pencils, craft scissors and other art supplies.  Wow!  The possibilities are endless! 
 So as you can see.  I have lots to show you tomorrow.  These and many more fun projects that will make you the hit of the holidays!  I hope you can make it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Laurel Burch and The Fabulous Felines Are Here!

I just love it when the new stuff comes in!  Yesterday we got a big load from Clothworks.  Inside was all the beautiful Laurel Burch Fabric " "Fabulous Felines."  When the sales rep was in a few months ago, I remember, I had a hard time picking out just a few from the line.  So I closed my eyes and just ordered the whole line!  I really don't do that very often.  It's really just too expensive.  But this time I just did it.  I'm really glad I did. It's really very fun and beautiful.  The colors are so gorgeous!!! Today I finished putting it all out and  I made a few Pillowcase kits.  they were selling very well all day. 

Saturday is "Last Minute Gift Demo Day"  here at the shop.  I do demonstrations on all kind of great gifts that are quick and fun to make.  So the pillowcases will be a big hit!  I had such a great time playing with all the fun possibilities and combinations.  
Check out the pretty thread that goes with the line of fabric.  It's really yummy!  One of these packs could be in your stocking.  You better send Santa in!  If that big pack doesn't go home with someone real soon. It may follow me home!