Friday, June 8, 2012

Treasure Chests are all FULL of Goodies!

Here is a picture of all three of the "Treasure Chests"  chock full of all kinds of goodies.  You can be the winner of one of these by participating in the Tri County Treasure Hunt.  During the big Shop Hop that starts on the 20th of the month.  Pretty exciting!!!! I had a few comments from the last post.  All you have to do is pick up a "Treasure Map" at any of the participating shops. Let me see..... Calico Country, Tangled Threads, Folktails, Fabric Etc. Fourth Corner, The Quilt Shop (Anacortes) Fabrics Plus, The Quiltmakers Shopp, Aunt Mary's (Of Course) The Needle and I, and Keepsake Cottage. Wheww!  Hey what could be better?  You get to visit THE BEST quilt shops in the northwest and win  prizes!  Anyway....... There will be something you have to find in each shop.  When you find it, you get your map stamped.  When you get all your stamps. Turn in your map at any of the shops and your in the drawing! Fun! Well, I have more to prepare soooo of I go!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tri County Treasure Hunt Should Be Lots Of Fun!

I am getting more excited every day!  The big Northwest Shop Hop is just two weeks away!  I think I am getting pretty close to being almost ready.  Well, there is still lots to get ready, but I'm feeling less anxious about it.  This is the map for the "Treasure Hunt" that the Tri  County Quilt Shops are preparing for you as an added fun thing to do during the hop.  You will want to pick up one of these maps at any of the participating shops and during the hop you will need to find the "Treasure Clue" in each shop, then get your map stamped and move on.  When you have found all the clues, turn your map into the last shop and you will be entered into a drawing to win one of three huge treasure baskets.  I think it will be lots of fun!  I have been in charge of collecting the prizes and let me tell you what!!!  there is some really neat "treasures."  The treasure chests are filled to over flowing with all kinds of wonderful things.  Books,  Art, Fabric, Jelly Rolls, Charm packs, and all kinds of great things.  WOW!!! I will try and post some pictures of the "treasure chests" soon. Vendors are still bringing more things to add to them.  

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Aunt Mary's Saturday Sampler. TA DAH!!!

Well, yesterday was the last session for our "Saturday Sampler." At least until September.  I think this class was very successful.  We taught lots of technique in this quilt.  We had quick piecing, paper piecing, curved piecing, and even the dreaded applique.   I would say that 99% of the students that started this class finished all of their blocks and were ready to put it all together. Not everyone used my fabric choices, so they all will look totally different.  Here is kind of what my version will look like when they get it all done.  OK, part of it fell off the wall and I had a class coming in this morning so it's not all complete, but you get the picture.  I still think it's pretty!  We will be starting a new ""Saturday Sampler"  probably in September.  Nobody will want to commit during the summer.  I have a great project though.  So, stand by.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

A Friend of mine was in the shop yesterday, and reminded me that I need to get going on my blog.  OOPS!  So sorry!  How can I expect you to check in with me if I don't get something posted!  My excuse, (A weak one, but it's all I got!) is.... Getting ready for the BIG SHOP HOP.  It's just around the corner.  20 days left!  I'm still working every day to get my blocks put together. There is a million (OK a million is a bit much, Maybe a hundred) things on my to do list.   New fabrics are arriving every day, and lots of my fabric vendors have been in to show me what was new at spring market.  LOTS!!!!!! How exciting!  But that's why I haven't posted.  This is fabric from In The Beginning. "Chickadee" by Julie Paschkis" She's the one that designed our shop hop fabric two years ago and the beautiful, wildly popular mermaid fabric that was out around that time.  It's really fun.
Can you believe Halloween fabric has come in?  yep! and Kathy has already made a quilt for the shop.  Cute huh?  Christmas fabric will start arriving any day now.  It's just too much to think about!  I gotta go get something done!