Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Adventues Of Lucy the "Shop" Dog.

If you have visited the shop in the past two weeks.  You may have met our new addition.  LUCY!  She is the sweetest little thing.  She loves to meet everyone.  She's very social!  So, here's a little background............ My husband and I had two little precious dogs that we lost this last summer.  Henry, who was about three, ate thread and died.  He was such a sweet thing.  BUT very snoopy and would have adventures at night and eat things that he shouldn't.  BEWARE of thread and your pets.  It can be VERY bad.  Then........ our sweet old dog, Sophie, who was seventeen, after a great life of making us all feel very protected and loved, passed away.  I had a VERY hard time of it.  I loved them both very much.  Our family had a busy summer getting ready for  big wedding, so we were alone for about three months.  Even my favorite thing, (applique) slowed down.  Nobody to snuggle with in the evening.  Not to mention, under our kitchen table was getting out of hand. I asked my husband if he was throwing things under there.  I'm not used to cleaning up under there.  SO, along comes Lucy!  A few things have changed since our last puppy though.  The biggest is my husband is now working away from home. I am here at the shop all day.  Hmmm. How to have a puppy?  Take here with me!  So far she has been great!  Doing great about learning were to go potty.  There have been a few accidents, but they have been mostly my fault.  I will get better.  She hardly ever barks.  So far, only the UPS guy gets lots of barks.  He really needs to slow down!  She has lots of people come in and snuggle with her.  She loves that. Behind my counter is her area most of the time.  Lots of toys and things to keep her busy, and me tripping over.   I hope you get a chance to come by and meet her.  She would love to meet you.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To Any Unhappy Customers.

I don't usually do this.  I don't like to be too personal on my blog. However, today I think I want to get on the soap box for just a bit.  (Hopefully nobody will read this and get upset with me)  This morning, I came in to work and logged onto facebook.  On my page there was a message for me.  Evidently, yesterday I had a customer that came in and was unhappy with her experience at Aunt Mary's.  She will NEVER come back.  Now, I know I should just write it off. let it go  But I don't!  I run over the whole day in my mind a thousand times trying to remember what I did........... Don't remember anyone upset. Don't remember being rude or not being friendly.  BUT I must have. Because this person took it upon herself to let me know.  First I have to say....... I'm sorry!  I think customer service is THE most important thing I can do.  My mission statement from the very beginning of Aunt Mary's, was to make the shop a comfortable, friendly place to visit.  A place to make friends, and feel like you got a hug. just for stopping in.  I know I'm not perfect! I know there are days that are harder than others.  Sometimes, I may not feel well, or there is something on my mind.   SOMETIMES it's just hard to take care of everything all at once.  (And now I added a puppy to my list of duties) (She's doing really well, thanks)  I have had people talk about another shops. How they didn't say hi or they were unfriendly. I always try to tell them to give them another chance.  You never know what was happening behind the scenes.  It's not always easy to "read" a customer.  There are times they just want to look around and think.  So we try to give them their space.  I try to let them know I'm there if they need me, but not be intrusive.   I think that can look, to a customer, like I don't care.  Believe me I care very much.
So ANYWAY, I guess I feel bad that someone didn't feel good when they came in.  I wish there was something I could do about it.  I'll try to do better.  We always need a reminder. But the next time you go into any small business and don't get the experience you think you should get.  Please try to be patient.  Many times it's just a misunderstanding.