Friday, September 28, 2012

Lots and Lots of Great Goodies

When I get to cleaning and organizing........ watch out!!!  I found all kinds of things to put out for the "91 Mile Yard Sale"  There are some kits, jelly rolls, Layer cakes, books, Fabric paints, all kind of things.  I Even went through some stacks of quilts and found some shop samples that can go home with you.  I also have all the holiday fabric on sale this Friday and Saturday.  20% off all Christmas and Halloween fabric, kits and precuts.  It should be a fun sale.  Oh, and remember. For every ten dollars you spend at any of our Tri County Shops.  You will get and entry into a drawing to win either a $20 or a $10 gift certificate to all the shops.  SHOPPING SPREE!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Thank you all, for all your wonderful thoughts! I really appreciate all the prayers.  What would I ever do without all of you?  Thank You!!! Ok! So let's look to the bright future.  I'm tired of feeling bad.  Things have started to look up anyway.  I had to put a few of my orders on hold for a week or so. But in the end, I think everything will be ok.  One great thing to look forward to is the "91 Mile Yard Sale!"  All the shops in the Tri County Quilt Association clean up the shop and place all kinds of great things that need a home on at a great discount.  I have been going through the shop and have pulled around fifty bolts of fabric to add to the already full clearance wall.  It's all going to be 45% off. Gotta take at least a yard to get that price though.  If you finish a bolt you can have it for 50% off.  I also have gone through all my books and patterns.  If they haven't moved in six months........  you can take them home for 50% off.  You may even find a few jelly rolls, kits and, well, you just never know!  So if that's not enough to get you out on the road, how about taking 20% off all the holiday fabric in the shop!  So That Would mean Christmas and Halloween fabric.  Woo hoo!  AND!!! just for fun for every $10 you spend in any of our shops during the run. You will be entered into a drawing to win a gift certificate to ALL the shops.  There will be two winners. One for a twenty dollar gift certificate and someone else will win a ten dollar gift certificate.  Wouldn't it be fun to go on a shopping spree to all the shops?  So you all better get you cars gassed up and your walkin shoes on! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Break In AHHHHHG!!!!!!!

Oh!  Just when you think all is going pretty well.  Something like this happens.  As I reported two weeks ago.  The shop got broken into. At the time we were feeling pretty good that they really didn't take anything.  Well, evidently,  That little trip was only reconnaissance.  This time, they brought the right tools to do what they wanted .  They took the Safe!!!!  Ahhhg!!! !#%@^!!!!! (Sorry for the language)  Anyway.  It had all my sales for three days in it.  Boy oh Boy! It sure put me in a funk for that last two day.  Now we have to deal with insurance and getting things repaired.  Not fun!  But I know we will get through it and do ok.  
One thing I do want to tell anyone that wrote a check to Aunt Mary's between Thursday through Saturday,  you may want to put a stop payment on that check.  Soooo Sorry!  The police did say they would probably just throw them away. (They want cash)  But I would not want them to forge them in any way and try to cash them.  Just another worry!!!  @%$#!!! (Opps slipped out again. Sorry) Thank you all for your thought and prayers.  I don't know what I would do without all my friends! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bali Christmas Tree Skirt Class NEW!!

There is a new class in our fall schedule!  Linda Tellesbo will be teaching this gorgeous Christmas Tree Skirt.  This picture really does not do it justice.  The ones that I have seen done are sooooo pretty!  Of coarse you can make it with red and green and have it for Christmas.  OR you can make it in your very favorite colors not put the hole in it, and use it for a table topper.  It fits just beautifully on my dinning table.  Linda will be teaching this class in a two session class.  Saturday November 20th and Saturday, December 17th.  You can have it done for Christmas!!!  This is a great starter quilt, if you have been interested in Judy Niemeyer patterns.  Linda will make it fun and easy.  She is a certified teacher for Judy's patterns.  So  give me a call and get signed up.  Remember today and tomorrow,(It's Back to School Sale)  sign up for a class and will get 15% off your supplies.  

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aunt Mary's Customer Garage Sale

This Saturday is the fourth annual "Customer Garage Sale!" the classroom will be FULL of goodies and treasures from my customers "Studios." This is a picture of just a little part of it last year.  There will be lots of wheeling and dealing going on.  Can't wait!  You really never know what wonderful  thing will be there waiting for you to take it home and love it.  The quilters that have rented the tables this year tell me they have TONS of things to sell.  You wont want to miss it!  Also, don't forget about the shop!  We will have all yardage and books on sale for 15% off and because it's "Back to School Sale"  If you sign up for a class,  You will get a coupon for 15% off all the supplies for the class.  So, come on down!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Follower Drive With a Giveaway!

Ok! So,  I have been writing and posting this blog for over three years now.  As of today, This blog has 35 followers.  I think we can do better than that!  AND I am not apposed to bribery!  So for the next two weeks, for all the new followers that sign up.  (It's really kind of painless,  I promise!)  We will have a random drawing and the winner will get this fat quarter pack of "Merry Medley"  fabric from Moda.  We just got it in and I really like it.  It's not as whimsical as we usually have here at Aunt Mary's.  But we need that sometimes.  So after you get done reading this post.  Scroll down to "Followers" and get singed up.  Good luck!

Friday, September 14, 2012

A New Camera!

I am THE LUCKIEST girl!  I have some really wonderful friends.  My friend Donna heard about our break in, and brought me a camera to use.  what a sweet person.  So now I can take pictures for my blog. This is the latest "Ghastlies" quilt to come to the shop.  It uses some of this years NEW fabric from Alexander Henry.  It was fun and quite easy to make.  It is one of the "BQ"  Patterns from Maple Island.  Great for showcasing fabric you really don't want to cut up too much.  We have used these patterns for sooo many projects.  It takes on a whole different look, depending on the fabric you use.  Imagine this quilt with beautiful big flowers.  Or maybe a really fun Christmas print.  There are lots of those out there right now.  You can make yourself a great quilt this week end!  Thanks again Donna!  You are sooooo Cool! I love you!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aunt Mary's Welcomes The American Hero's In our Classroom

This Saturday, The American Hero's group will be back in the classroom working on quilts for our soldiers.  It feels so good to have them here.  This is a picture of the quilts they had finished when they were here the last time.  I saw a blog from Sharon that said how many they have compleated since they have gotten together.  It's in the hundreds.  I am so proud of them!  If you would like to stop by on Saturday, they would love to get any help you can give.  Cutting, sewing, pressing, even just sewing on a binding.  You will love the comraderie that this group has.  Donations are gladly excepted also,  Fabric, time or cash are all great!  Maybe just stop in and give some encouragement!  All are welcome.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Look What I just Finished! Ta Dah!!!

My Oh MY!  It feels so good to hang a newly finished project then,  stand back and see it in it's altogether!.  Then, my very next thought is..... What do I do now?  Oh me, oh my, what will I do now?

This isn't a very good picture.  Aunt Mary's was broken into this last week end.  My heart just about stopped on Saturday morning.  We drove into the parking lot and the back door was hanging wide open.  UGG!!!
We were soooo fortunate that it was probably just kids looking for cash.  Fooled them!! We didn't have any!  But they took my camera that was sitting on my desk.  So now I have to take pictures with my cell phone.  Oh well,  you get the idea of how this quilt turned out.  I really like it!  It's a "Buggy Barn" book  Crazy for applique.  Great book! Soon we will have kits for you to make it with the same fabrics.  Just have to put them together.  Then I have to find a new project I like just as much.  I ordered a new pattern that will be in this week.  Maybe it will be THE ONE.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Just When you Think Your So Cool!

Wouldn't  you know it! We have been working real hard to get our "On Line Store" all up and running. Today, we went online and it's not there!  Flying cart just wont come up at all.  Well, I am hoping the problem is on their side.  Maybe they are working on the whole program.  It happens with blogger sometimes.  So!  If you were going to check it out today.  Hold on!  We are experiencing technical difficulties.  But in the mean time you can check out my friend Stephanie.  She is amazing!  I truly love the way her mind works.  This is a quilt that she just put together.  Her imagination holds no bounds!  She is teaching a class here this fall.  It's called Liberated Stacked Coins.  I would like to take the class myself!  You really should check out her blog. (Scroll down.  she is on my favorites list)  This is a class that you will take soooo much more than just a quilt top from.  Creative process is invaluable! Tomorrow is meet the teacher here at the shop.  It's a great time to top by and see all the samples, ask questions and get signed up for class.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aunt Mary's Is Now ONLINE!

Ta Dah!  Big announcement!  Now, if you can't get to Aunt Mary's, we can come to you!  AUNT MARY'S IS NOW ONLINE!  Yep!  We have been working really hard on our web site up and running.  There is still lots of fine tuning and getting it all on there.  But you should now be able to stop by the on line shop and see all the new fabric and other goodies that arrive almost everyday.  We will be shipping almost everyday and we don't charge for shipping on any order over 30 dollars.  What could be better?   Aunt Mary's delivered right to your door! So check it out  http://  or just click on the link at the top of the blog page that says Aunt Mary's Online Shop.  We also have a link on our regular Aunt Mary's page www.  See you there!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New! From Camelott Cottons

 I never get tired of opening the boxes that come into the shop.  I order so much fabric from lots and lots of vendors, and it usually take anywhere from one to six months to get her.  Many times I just see art work.  Not the actual fabric.  So when I open the boxes and see the fabric it is always a surprise.  Every once in a while a not so good surprise.  It's just not what I imagined it would look like on Fabric.  But other times .......... WOW!!!  These two fabrics are from Camelot Cottons.  So far, I have always done the WOW with them.  
I love this line of fabric!!!  Bigger than real flowers and the colors are to dye for!  Donna is teaching a "Fractured"  class.  (It  is really cool!)  I'll have to show these to her and see if it will work.  Stay tuned for pictures if she likes it!