Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aunt Mary's Is Now ONLINE!

Ta Dah!  Big announcement!  Now, if you can't get to Aunt Mary's, we can come to you!  AUNT MARY'S IS NOW ONLINE!  Yep!  We have been working really hard on our web site up and running.  There is still lots of fine tuning and getting it all on there.  But you should now be able to stop by the on line shop and see all the new fabric and other goodies that arrive almost everyday.  We will be shipping almost everyday and we don't charge for shipping on any order over 30 dollars.  What could be better?   Aunt Mary's delivered right to your door! So check it out  http:// auntmarysquiltshop.flyingcart.com/  or just click on the link at the top of the blog page that says Aunt Mary's Online Shop.  We also have a link on our regular Aunt Mary's page www. auntmrysquiltshop.com.  See you there!

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