Friday, September 7, 2012

Just When you Think Your So Cool!

Wouldn't  you know it! We have been working real hard to get our "On Line Store" all up and running. Today, we went online and it's not there!  Flying cart just wont come up at all.  Well, I am hoping the problem is on their side.  Maybe they are working on the whole program.  It happens with blogger sometimes.  So!  If you were going to check it out today.  Hold on!  We are experiencing technical difficulties.  But in the mean time you can check out my friend Stephanie.  She is amazing!  I truly love the way her mind works.  This is a quilt that she just put together.  Her imagination holds no bounds!  She is teaching a class here this fall.  It's called Liberated Stacked Coins.  I would like to take the class myself!  You really should check out her blog. (Scroll down.  she is on my favorites list)  This is a class that you will take soooo much more than just a quilt top from.  Creative process is invaluable! Tomorrow is meet the teacher here at the shop.  It's a great time to top by and see all the samples, ask questions and get signed up for class.  


Happy Valley Primitives said...

Stephanie's a real talented gal! And I, too, am proud to know her! Beautiful quilt!


Rishi said...

This is Rishi (CEO of Flying Cart) we had a minor outage (down for 6 hours) and now we are back online and better than ever.

We love your store - please let me know if these is anything I can do to help.