Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Break In AHHHHHG!!!!!!!

Oh!  Just when you think all is going pretty well.  Something like this happens.  As I reported two weeks ago.  The shop got broken into. At the time we were feeling pretty good that they really didn't take anything.  Well, evidently,  That little trip was only reconnaissance.  This time, they brought the right tools to do what they wanted .  They took the Safe!!!!  Ahhhg!!! !#%@^!!!!! (Sorry for the language)  Anyway.  It had all my sales for three days in it.  Boy oh Boy! It sure put me in a funk for that last two day.  Now we have to deal with insurance and getting things repaired.  Not fun!  But I know we will get through it and do ok.  
One thing I do want to tell anyone that wrote a check to Aunt Mary's between Thursday through Saturday,  you may want to put a stop payment on that check.  Soooo Sorry!  The police did say they would probably just throw them away. (They want cash)  But I would not want them to forge them in any way and try to cash them.  Just another worry!!!  @%$#!!! (Opps slipped out again. Sorry) Thank you all for your thought and prayers.  I don't know what I would do without all my friends! 


The Quiltrestorer said...

Carrol I'm so sorry this happened to you again, once was bad enough,is there anything any of us in the quilt community can do to help you out? Deb

Sharon S said...

So sorry Carrol. What a bunch of schmucks!

Happy Valley Primitives said...

Oh, Carol...I'm so sorry this happened again. There is so much of this desperation going on around here, and it's just so awful. Ilene