Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Look What I just Finished! Ta Dah!!!

My Oh MY!  It feels so good to hang a newly finished project then,  stand back and see it in it's altogether!.  Then, my very next thought is..... What do I do now?  Oh me, oh my, what will I do now?

This isn't a very good picture.  Aunt Mary's was broken into this last week end.  My heart just about stopped on Saturday morning.  We drove into the parking lot and the back door was hanging wide open.  UGG!!!
We were soooo fortunate that it was probably just kids looking for cash.  Fooled them!! We didn't have any!  But they took my camera that was sitting on my desk.  So now I have to take pictures with my cell phone.  Oh well,  you get the idea of how this quilt turned out.  I really like it!  It's a "Buggy Barn" book  Crazy for applique.  Great book! Soon we will have kits for you to make it with the same fabrics.  Just have to put them together.  Then I have to find a new project I like just as much.  I ordered a new pattern that will be in this week.  Maybe it will be THE ONE.

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