Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Precious Customer.... THANK YOU!!!

I am sooo blessed to have such a wonderful, generous, creative group of people  to call my customers.  Quilters are really the most wonderful people on earth.  Last week we celebrated my customers with customer appreciation sale and on Saturday we had a big BBQ lunch.  It was really fun!  Mostly,I think it made me think allot about how lucky I am to be serving such a diverse group of people.  What other job could I possibly have that I could have so much fun, laughing and being with such happy people?  
As I was going through my pictures of customers I love, It was really hard to pick out just a few. There are just sooo many happy times to remember.  So I just pointed and clicked!  

Thanks again, for stopping by and being one of my most appreciated, wonderful costumers! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Ghastlies are Back!!!

 As promised!  The Ghastlies are back at aunt Mary's!  Such a fun collection of fabrics from Alexander Henry.  They have been VERY popular.  This is the quilt that we made last year with the collection.  It's called "Side Lines" it's a Maple Island Pattern that we have used and used.  It works for any fabric that you want to "highlight." It always a successful quilt.  We have made it with big bears in the middle and landscapy trees in the panels and men just loved it. We have done this pattern  with big beautiful Asian prints and everyone loved it.  It's a quick easy quilt to make.  A quiet week end will get it done.  We carry this pattern in the shop (unless its sold out) It's a popular one.    
This is a new addition to the collection this year.  LOVE IT!! I am cutting out a different Maple Island pattern using the Gastlies.  Another quick easy one. "BQ2".  I think it's going to be VERY cute.  Stand by for pictures.  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun Summer Classes

Summer time at the old quilt shop is at a much slower pace.  All of you are doing your summer thing.  Camping, family reunions, vacations, etc.  It's just so hard to get you guys in when the sun is shining.  Oh! poor me!!!! But, just in case your interested. We do have a few fun classes coming up this summer that you might like to take.  Let's see..... We have a Needle Turn Applique class on a Saturday this summer.  If your a beginner or just need some help this ones for you.  We are having a Day Camp on a Saturday in August that should be lots of fun too.  Bring in a project and let's sew and play all day. It's air conditioned and you wont even have to cook dinner!  I'll make it for you.  It's from 10 AM - 10PM  So you have lots of time away from the world.  Cathy is teaching an "I Spy" quilt.  Kids and gramma's  love this quilt.  Oh, and what would summer be without a "Buggy Barn" Class. There's a brand new book from Buggy Barn full of great quilts.  Pick out a pattern from this book or from any of their books and we will get you going.  Oh!  And we are taking sign ups for the "Bali Wedding Star" With Linda Tellesbo.  This is a once a month for three months class that will begin in September.  Don't miss out on this one.  It's a doosy!!! Roxanne is here all summer with her regular six sessions each month. So Come on! Summer is a great time to quilt!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

American Heros at Aunt Mary's

Aunt Mary's will be hosting The "American Heros'  group in our classroom this Saturday.  I love to have these fantastic people come play at the shop for a day.  They are doing such a great service for our troops.  Their mission is to make a beautiful quilt for each wounded soldier coming back from the war zone.  It's such a great feeling having them come work on the quilts here.  The quilts that they have made over the years have really made a difference in these solders lives.  Some of the letters that they have received make your heart just swell with pride and emotion. It make me so happy to be able to help. They would also absolutely love any help that you can provide.  Come spend a few hours making blocks, cutting blocks out, or maybe put a binding on.  You don't have to commit to a whole quilt.  They also will take donations of patriotic fabric.  Maybe you are a machine quilter and would like to help.  Come get a quilt and quilt it.  This group usually meets at the senior center in Stanwood most months.  They are scheduled to be here at Aunt Mary's this Saturday July 21st 10:30 - 3:00 and in September on Saturday the 15th.  Oh, and the picture here is one of my wonderful customers that came to my Saturday Sampler sessions all last year and made this quilt, and is donating it to the  American Heros..  I LOVE this quilt and what a great lady! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Back!!! Did You Miss Me?

OK..... So Here are my excuses for not doing my blog in over a month.......  I just hate excuses don't you?  So here is what I will tell you.  June is a CRAZY month for me.  Then I went on vacation for over two weeks.  I decompressed,  didn't touch quilting,  or even leave my house much.  I am feeling sooo much better.  I tell you sitting under my apple trees, listening to the birds sing is very rejuvenating.  I needed it!  My friends Ethel and Cathy kept the shop running like a top.  I love them!  What would I do without them?
While I was gone we got lots of wonderful fabrics in.  Here are some of the Halloween fabrics.  Aren't they fun?  The gastlies should be showing up real soon too.
 Fall fabrics will be coming in too.  Here is a really beautiful line.  Fall colors are so gorgeous!  I always look so forward to the fall.  We got a really fun pattern for a casserole carrier in.  It think this fabric will have to turn into one soon.
Yep!  We are also getting lots and lots of Christmas fabrics in too.  This is a little peek of a really cute line from "Henry Glass" It's got a panel to make an Advent Calendar with lots of little penguins doing Christmas things.  Soooo cute!
So now that I'm back. I have so many projects in mind for the shop and for new quilting projects, I don't know were to start.  I promise to keep you more informed with my blog.  I'M BACK!!!