Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Back!!! Did You Miss Me?

OK..... So Here are my excuses for not doing my blog in over a month.......  I just hate excuses don't you?  So here is what I will tell you.  June is a CRAZY month for me.  Then I went on vacation for over two weeks.  I decompressed,  didn't touch quilting,  or even leave my house much.  I am feeling sooo much better.  I tell you sitting under my apple trees, listening to the birds sing is very rejuvenating.  I needed it!  My friends Ethel and Cathy kept the shop running like a top.  I love them!  What would I do without them?
While I was gone we got lots of wonderful fabrics in.  Here are some of the Halloween fabrics.  Aren't they fun?  The gastlies should be showing up real soon too.
 Fall fabrics will be coming in too.  Here is a really beautiful line.  Fall colors are so gorgeous!  I always look so forward to the fall.  We got a really fun pattern for a casserole carrier in.  It think this fabric will have to turn into one soon.
Yep!  We are also getting lots and lots of Christmas fabrics in too.  This is a little peek of a really cute line from "Henry Glass" It's got a panel to make an Advent Calendar with lots of little penguins doing Christmas things.  Soooo cute!
So now that I'm back. I have so many projects in mind for the shop and for new quilting projects, I don't know were to start.  I promise to keep you more informed with my blog.  I'M BACK!!!

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B. Joyce said...

I missed you and we missed you at book club.. Glad you had stress free vacation....