Thursday, March 28, 2013

Becky Goldsmith Workshop

The date is rapidly approaching! Friday and Saturday, May 10th & 11th.  Spend two whole days with Becky Goldsmith of Piece O Cake Designs. she is THE BEST teacher of "Needle Turn" applique.  I have learned so much from her last workshop here and from her books.  This is her new book that will be arriving around the middle of April.  Her designs are fun and whimsical. She takes every level of student in the workshop.  So beginners to experts on needleturn can learn something from her.  There are  two spots left.  So  Give me a call and lets get you signed up.  You won't be sorry! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New! From Clothworks

Here is a pretty little collection that just arrived from Clothworks.  It's Called "Water Lilies."  I'm not sure you can tell from the picture (I'm such a photo journalist!) It's got a great print running selvage to selvage of cattails and dragonflies.  Soooo pretty!  I will have to think about what I will do with it.  It's the picture of summertime at the lake!  We all need a little of that now.  Can't wait! The last few days have been so springlike. It won't be long till summer.  But until then.  Maybe we can make a quilt and dream.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

What a Difference On Day Will Make

Yesterday morning was all snow and gloom.  Look at the shop today.  All filled with sunshine and looking forward to lots of friends stopping by.  The nasty weather is finally OVER!   We have had an ok turnout for the Tri County Quilt Tour so far. But, I think the weather  has held some quilters at home.  I hope they got some quilting done.  But TODAY is really SPRINGTIME! To cold to work in the yard, so I hope everyone will get out and come see me.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meeting New Friends

Oh what fun it is to meet new friends!  Here are group of girls from North of the border.  We had such a good talk.  One of them is from "Secret Harbor."  I would love to tell you were that is, however, it's a secret!  She says you have to take a fairy from Vancouver.  But,  that's all she would say.  Nice Girls!!  The Tri county Quilt tour has been a bit slow so far.  I'm kind of thinking it's because of the nasty weather we have had.  We have had just about every kind of nasty weather you could possibly have.  All in about an hour.  Rain, wind, sunshine, hail you name it!  So far I have not seen any frogs.  But, you never know.  I hear the weather is suppose to take a turn for the better. So, hopefully the girls will get out on the road tomorrow. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Whew!! I'm Ready!

 Boy oh Boy!  What a week!  Last week was the Q.A. show.  It was great! I had such a great time seeing everyone.  The building that the show is in at the fairgrounds is such a nice, brite, clean, beautiful place.  I really enjoyed the whole show.  I think I'm getting a little old though.  My body has been creaking in funny places for days now.  Lots of lifting and hauling.  My wonderful family helps me allot though.  They are THE best!  he problem is, Sunday night we bring in all my goodies and they put them in the classroom and leave me.  But, wait, you guys!  Now I have to get it all back and looking all pretty for the "Tri County Quit Tour."  Nope they are all done.  Oh, well.  I got everything back in place even with new stuff that came in yesterday.  My good friend, Ethel helped.  She is the best as well!  LOVE HER!  I'm soooo lucky.  I think the shop is looking good and we are ready to roll tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it.  The picture is our project.  It's a perpetual calendar.  All the blocks have Velcro on the back so you can change the block out each month.  and the numbers are in pockets.  That way you can change them each month.  I think it's cute!  Hey!  Did I mention my computer pooped out this weekend as well?  Yep!!! I think it's fixed now.  Oh boy!  What would I do without all this  hub bub?  I guess it keeps things exciting!  Hope to see you on the "Quilt Tour"

Saturday, March 9, 2013

So Much To Do!

Wowzer!  Do I have tons of stuff to do!!!  It's such a gorgeous day today that I have had just a little bit of a hard time staying focused.  I have just a little bit of spring fever I think.  I have a to do list about three miles long with things to get ready for the big Q.A. quilt show next week.  Then, after the show,  I have just two days to get the shop all pretty looking for the "Tri County Quilt Tour.  I have lots of new quilts and projects, not to mention new fabric.  I'm tired already!!  But kind of excited! I will try to post pics of the show.  Off to work!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Is Quilters Month

The Month of March is jam packed FULL of fun things for quitters to take part in!  It starts out with Expo last weekend in Puyallup.  Then!  Next week on the 15th, 16th and 17th, there is the QA Show in Monroe, at the fair grounds.  It's in a new building.  This will be the second year in the building and It absolutely gorgeous!!! Parking is great!  The lighting is soooo nice and the vendors (Aunt Mary's Will be there) are fun!  THEN, the very next week is the Tri County Quilt Tour!  March 20th through the 23rd.WOW!!!  All the shops are getting ready!  This year we are celebrating the months of the year.  I have November.  I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what everyone has done with the block patterns.  I know we have lots of other fun things getting ready for you to see as well. There are drawings and then  you get to collect all the charms from each shop.  Fun!!! 

This all kind of make me a little nervous!  I have soooooo much to get ready.  My list is quite long!  So off I go! 

Oh!  I almost forgot! This is a picture of one of our latest kits.  It's made from Northcott's "Stonehenge" fabric.  VERY pretty and you can make it in three diffeent sizes.  I will have it out a the QA show.  Come see!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Machine Quilting! You Can Do It!!

So, are you of the opinion that you CAN,T do your own machine quilting?  Well, we have a class on Monday that will prove you wrong.  Donna's class is from 10 - 2 on Monday March 4th.  She will give you all kinds of great tips on quilting your own quilts.  
Sometimes the simplest quilting is the best.  Straight lines, a simple squiggle.  But you can always strive to really do some great quilting.  Really all it takes is practice and some tips from someone that knows how to do it.  This quilt is Krista Mosers.  It's her Modern Chevron quilt that is a class on March 30th.  The quilting really shows well on this quilt.  It's really a simple design, but it's the icing on the cake!  You should also check the blog  "Free Motion Project". Just scroll down my blog on the right hand side to see a link.  She's great!  She shows a tip for free motion quilting everyday.  It's really inspiring!  Do you have a few tops that need stitching?  Let's get you going!