Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Whew!! I'm Ready!

 Boy oh Boy!  What a week!  Last week was the Q.A. show.  It was great! I had such a great time seeing everyone.  The building that the show is in at the fairgrounds is such a nice, brite, clean, beautiful place.  I really enjoyed the whole show.  I think I'm getting a little old though.  My body has been creaking in funny places for days now.  Lots of lifting and hauling.  My wonderful family helps me allot though.  They are THE best!  he problem is, Sunday night we bring in all my goodies and they put them in the classroom and leave me.  But, wait, you guys!  Now I have to get it all back and looking all pretty for the "Tri County Quit Tour."  Nope they are all done.  Oh, well.  I got everything back in place even with new stuff that came in yesterday.  My good friend, Ethel helped.  She is the best as well!  LOVE HER!  I'm soooo lucky.  I think the shop is looking good and we are ready to roll tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it.  The picture is our project.  It's a perpetual calendar.  All the blocks have Velcro on the back so you can change the block out each month.  and the numbers are in pockets.  That way you can change them each month.  I think it's cute!  Hey!  Did I mention my computer pooped out this weekend as well?  Yep!!! I think it's fixed now.  Oh boy!  What would I do without all this  hub bub?  I guess it keeps things exciting!  Hope to see you on the "Quilt Tour"


LindaLouQuilts said...

I always enjoy looking in your booth at QA and your shop as well!
Thanks for the info on the embrodery/crayons projects!

Aunt Mary said...

Thank you! It's always nice to hear good things.