Saturday, September 1, 2012

New! From Camelott Cottons

 I never get tired of opening the boxes that come into the shop.  I order so much fabric from lots and lots of vendors, and it usually take anywhere from one to six months to get her.  Many times I just see art work.  Not the actual fabric.  So when I open the boxes and see the fabric it is always a surprise.  Every once in a while a not so good surprise.  It's just not what I imagined it would look like on Fabric.  But other times .......... WOW!!!  These two fabrics are from Camelot Cottons.  So far, I have always done the WOW with them.  
I love this line of fabric!!!  Bigger than real flowers and the colors are to dye for!  Donna is teaching a "Fractured"  class.  (It  is really cool!)  I'll have to show these to her and see if it will work.  Stay tuned for pictures if she likes it!

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