Thursday, December 13, 2012

Projects Finished!

Ta Dah!  Here is Dorthy with her FINISHED "Bali Wedding Star."  I think her smile is as pretty as the quilt.  We have had this as a class twice now and all of the quilts are just amazing.  I love to have you all come in and share with me.  Sometimes you won't let me take your picture though.  I have a really wonderful man quilter that has been working on quilts for his grand kids for Christmas.  I think he is almost done with three gorgeous quilts.  He won't let me take his picture though.  Oh well.  I am still very proud of him.  He is pretty new to quilting. He tells me he wanted to give it a shot.  Between you and me - I think he's hooked!  We will be seeing more of him!  Love it!!.  Keep bringing in your finished projects.  I really love to see them.  

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