Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holiday! Ho, Ho, Ho,

Twas two days before Christmas, and all through the quilt shop. Not a creature was stirring!  Yep! The days before Christmas can be kind of lonely.  You all are doing your holiday things.  If your projects aren't done by now, you certainly wont be starting a new one.  So that leaves the shop kind of quiet.  But that's really kind of a blessing.  There are always things for me to do.  The new newsletter is almost done and I have class folders to take care of. The big 'End of the Year" Sale starts on Wednesday.  I have to get ready for that.  AND YES!  I have some things to make for my family for Christmas.  (I waited to see if the world ended. It didn't. So, now I have to get ready for Christmas)  We really don't so much.  I love to make a big dinner, spend time with my big boys, and relax.  We don't do much for presents.  The one thing my kids have all decided we just can't live without, is pillowcases.  So now I have to figure out exactly the right fabric for them.  Well, maybe it won't be such a slow day.  I have plenty to do!  Merry Christmas One and All!!!!! See you on Wednesday!!!

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