Friday, December 7, 2012

Saturday is "Last Minute Gift Demo Day"

 Tomorrow is Last minute Gift Demo Day here at Aunt Mary's!  I have been preparing all kinds of demos for all of you to come and see.  I know you probably vowed to get all your gifts for Christmas started and finished by the fourth of July and now it's gotten down to the last minute and you still have some gifts to make.  All of the fun things on my list  take about two hours or less to make.  I know, I know!  You could probably go to the mall and find some things that will do.   However,  I  don't like the whole feel of Christmas at the mall.  I would SOOOO rather spend the after noon in my cozy room, with some good music or reruns of Christmas movies on and create some special gifts for everyone on my list.  It's such a great feeling, and wouldn't rather get a gift that was made with just YOU in mind?   This  bag is one of my demos.  It's "The Mini Bow Tucks" bag.  I took it home last night, cut it out and finished it in an hour and a half!  Ok! Maybe more like two hours,  I watched Greys Anatomy and Scandal.  Who watches the clock?
These are our famous Place Mats.  I can't tell you how many of these I have made over the years.  They make great gifts for people that have everything.  Customize the fabric to match the personality.  Kids love them too.  I sometimes use Isulbrite.  It's an insulated batting.  That way they protect my oak table from the heat.  They also wash up beautifully.

Here is another great project!  Our Roll Up Bag.  I use one for my Applique things.  I can roll up a block with all my threads, markers and other goodies and off I  go! They make great gifts for lots of people.  I had one customer that made them for her grand kids.  She filled them with colored pencils, craft scissors and other art supplies.  Wow!  The possibilities are endless! 
 So as you can see.  I have lots to show you tomorrow.  These and many more fun projects that will make you the hit of the holidays!  I hope you can make it!

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