Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Roxanne's Block of the Month 2013

Here's the famous Roxanne Carter!  I am so lucky to have her teach here six times each month.  She has such a big following and it's growing all the time. She can take on a class of eight to ten students, some of them brand new to quilting, a few that need help with a project that they are stuck on, and a few that are working on very complicated projects.  Now, most instructors would be pulling out her hair! Not Roxanne!  She is very calm, knows her stuff and takes care of EVERYONE.  She's like mom.  She has eyes in back of her head.  I've had students wonder how she knows from clear across the room that you need help.  When you sign up and take one of her classes she gives you one of her new patterns.  She has new quilts, and patterns  ready clear through July.  Her patterns are all fun and she makes them very doable with quick piecing techniques.  This is her new "Block of the Month" for 2013.  Each month she will hand out the pattern for a block.  This is in addition to the quilt pattern you get.  So, if you do a block each month you to can have this beautiful quilt by the end of the year. Ok! No pressure. This version is the queen size.  She also will give you instructions for a twin size.  Stop in and get her schedule, and get going!  This would be a FUN new years resolution! 

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