Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wow! Megga Cool EQ 7 Just In

Just got the new software from "Electric Quilt" into the shop. Boy Oh Boy Does it look interesting!
I have had electric quilt 5 in my computer for several years and have not updated it for the last few upgrades. I use it quite often for class lessons and working on quilt designs. Plus, I can find all the traditional quilt blocks for customers that they can't find a pattern for and help them design a quilt with them. But it has it's limitations.
THIS new version looks mega cool!!! It does all kinds of things that mine doesn't. This one lets you scan in your fabric and use it in your design. You can also scan in a photo and do fun things with it. It lets you drag and drop all different sizes of blocks onto your quilt to make nontraditional settings. Plus lots of other fun options. I may have to spring for it myself.
Maybe Santa can bring one for you?

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