Monday, December 13, 2010

Pillow Cases! Every body LOVES Them

You know, I just don't give this tried and true project enough credit. I always think.... Well.... Everyone has already done this project. BUT, it's still one of the most loved projects to make. Every one truly loves to receive them and they really could not be easier to make. I have a demo set up in the shop if you don't know how to make one. It takes just four straight seams and about 15 minutes to make one. It's a great very first sewing project for a teen.
I have been making these for all my family since before I had a quilt shop. Andy must have been around eight. Well, several Christmases ago, I thought I would skip it and not make them. He's twenty two now and they must be bored with them by now. Well, you would have thought I didn't love them any more. I got all kinds of complaints. So, now it's just a tradition for Christmas and their birthdays. I pick out something that fits their personalities, and make them their special pillowcases. Because, yes! I still love them very much. Don't let on how easy they are.

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