Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Fall Class Scedule looks Exciting!

 Oh!  The good old summer time.........  We have had such an amazing summer so far, and it looks like the weather will be good for as far as the eye can see.  Don't you just love it?  BUT!  It makes it kind of slow in the old quilt shop.  I get customers asking for a class schedule only to say, "I can't take it on THAT day!"  So, OK.  I can't blame you.  Enjoy the summer while we can.  We will have lots to look forward to in the fall.  We have been filling the calendar with some pretty neat classes for September, October November. This cute little black and white snowflake quilt is a class with Stephanie Davis, called "Snowflakes and Trees" (The tree one is at the quilters..... stay tuned) 
This is a really pretty " Bargello quilt.  The instructor will be Jan Davies. Her husband is the knife Sharpener guy that come over from Wenatchee.  He will be here in September and Jan will teach this class while she's here.  She teaches classes there and I have seen some of her other projects at the Q.A. Show.  VERY NICE!  WE have some classes for gift giving season and another Christmas Mystery.So, I think the schedule will be exciting.  Oh, did I mention we have a visit from my friend Freddy Moran?  Yep she will be here for a two day workshop.  In the mean time though. We do have a few fun classes this summer. Not to mention a few fun events like our Customer appreciation sale and BBQ, and our customer garage sale.  You should also know that Aunt Mary's has air conditioning.  We stay quite cool here.  You can come and be cool too.

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