Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Celebrating My Customers

Ok, Here we go!  The first day of Customer Appreciation week.  Here is a picture of some quite infamous customers of mine.  They came into the shop about five years ago, at shop hop.  They have been favorites of mine every since.  FUN GROUP OF GIRLS!!!  I have so many favorite people though.  It will be hard to get everyone on my blog or facebook.  SO...... I told you I would be putting special things on my blog and facebook page this week, so here goes.  For today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday) If you come into the shop and tell me what this says.  You can take an additional 15% off a book of your choice.  That will make it 30% off!  Everything else in the shop is already 15% off.  We have lots and lots of books to choose from If nothing else, try to stop by on Saturday for a FREE BBQ lunch.  I make a mean potato salad! Their will other surprises that day as well. 

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