Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Of The Month

Just got this wonderful book into the shop. I think it inspires great inspiration. Written by Tonya Ricucci a fan of Gwen Marston. (She wrote the forward) Tonya makes it easy to put words into our quilts. Something I guess I haven't really given too much thought about. When the book came into the shop not to long ago, I unpacked the box and gave the book a little flip through but didn't give it much of a look. Then My friend Stephanie came in and she was working on a gorgeous quilt with a meaningful quote on it. I is sooo great! What a GREAT IDEA!!! Now I am in love with this book! Tonya's blog is cute too.
Now I have visions of all the great quilts I can do with words. Maybe in my next story quilt. Can't wait!!! I think this book deserves a second (third an fourth) look.

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