Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ring In The New!

Well, last week was the end of the year. We had a big sale and got inventory down for dreaded inventory. The shop was looking kind of slim. (I wish the same went for me). But, now it's the first of the year and NEW stuff is arriving. I love it. while it's blowing, and raining and other yucky things out side. Inside, bright sunny fabrics are coming in. It's been fun unwrapping and finding good places for it to call home for a while until it gets adopted and goes home with someone.
New class samples are coming in from the teachers for the exciting classes happening soon. This is the "Tuffit" class sample from Krista's Class. We did this one in the last schedule. It was a packed house! Everyone made such fun projects, and most made more than one latter for Christmas presents. I would have loved to be on their list. Stay tuned for more new, Soon!

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