Thursday, August 8, 2013

Amy Bradley! My New Favorite!!

I know!  I'm always saying ,this or that is "My Favorite"  In this job, it's so nice that new things come in all the time and I can change my favorite thing almost any day.  I have to say that I REALLY do like these patterns by Amy Bradley.  They are so colorful and whimsical.  How can anybody resist?  I guess they are patterns for kids.  However,  they are so much fun to make that you can hardly stop yourself from enjoying making them.  Each pattern has a least two quilts to make. "Meet the Tweets" has five different projects. All of them are sweet. This one is "Traveling Turtles"  My friend Donna made just the top row of it.  It's soooooo cute.  It just makes me smile.
All the patterns are made using the fusible applique method.  So they are really a cinch to make.  You can find them in the shop or on line at  I you need help....... come on in. 

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