Friday, August 2, 2013

Let's Not Forget The Halloween Fabrc!

 Ok! So, I have shown lots of the Christmas Fabric that has been coming in.  For some reason I have neglected to mention all the really fun Halloween fabric that has arrived.  It's one of my favorite sections too.  I think it's just fun!  This is just a few pieces from a line from Blend Fabrics.  it' so retro looking to me.  I love the colors and the poison witches brew bottles are very cool.  I've got a few ideas for a project with it. 
This is a quilt that Kathy made with this great line of fabric from Elizabeth Studios.  Isn't it cute?  The fabric kind of reminds me of the Alexander Henry fabric line "The Gastlies" (Which I still have a little of, and the new stuff will be arriving real soon.  It's called "A Gastlie Christmas. SOO Cool!)  Anyway,  this is a fun new pattern from Maple Island (Makers of the BQ patterns. ) It's easy and really shows off a fabric line.  This cute "goolie" fabric worked great, I think.  This is just a little bit of the Halloween fabrics available.  If you can't stop in.......... Go to the On line store  and check out the rest of the fun Halloween fabrics.  FUN STUFF!

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