Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Very Satisfiyng Week!

 This week was a very fun, satisfying week for me.  It started out, on Monday, Making over 100 tamale's for my sons wedding.  (I still have over 100 to make this next Monday) So that will be my next day off.  The wedding is coming up fast, September 14th, so I will be very relieved to have all the tamales in the freezer. Then the hard work is done!  Meanwhile, back at the shop, we had Roxanne for two sessions.  I always enjoy having her here.  I'm sure Aunt Mary's would not be what it is without her.  She is wonderful!!  I had two sales reps in, and got to see and order some great new fabric.  It's always fun to see what's going to come in.  It gets me thinking about all kinds of new quilts, classes and arraignments for the shop.    Stay tuned to see what I ordered.  I got the whole fall newsletter written and e-mailed.  I think there are some fun things in it.  I'm always so happy to get it DONE. 

Then......  Saturday was our first ever  SPA DAY in the shop.  You know, when I'm sitting at my desk thinking about what to do that's fun and different. I come up with ideas that, well, sound kind of goofy! Even to me!  But this one worked out well.  I figured about this time of summer there had to be some quilters that were tired of all the summer activities.  Gardening,family reunions, too much company and so on.  So they got to come here to the shop and spend a whole day that was all about THEM.  Sewing all day,  A pedicure at the shop next door, a box lunch from the bakery, even champagne.  I think everyone was happy when they left and all of them were ready to sign up for another session. You will have to wait though.  The days were all full for the fall session.  But you never know what will come up.  I now we have some fun things in store. Pick up a newsletter and get signed up for something FUN!

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