Sunday, June 2, 2013

Never Sell Yourself Short

I recently saw this on "Facebook."  It got me thinking about quilters and how under appreciated quilting can be as an art form.  For me, quilts are not just for the bed.  They truly are art.  The people that create them are amazingly talented.  Now, I'm not really talking about all the quilts you see in the big quilt shows.  I'm talking about just about anyone that takes two pretty pieces of fabric, sews it together and smiles.  It's the feeling we get when we stand back and say wow!  I like what I've done! There is sooo much feeling in a quilt.  They all have stories to tell.  They are part of my history and what people will remember me by.   It's so hard to put a price on a quilt. Many are not for sale for any price.  When I have someone ask me how much they should sell a quilt for. It's hard to come up with a fair price.  Freddy Moran says, "If you sell a quilt, You take the money and spend it or pay a bill.  Then...... You don't have the quilt and the money is gone as well!"  If you truly want to sell a quilt.  I have been told to figure out just how much it cost to make.  Price of fabric, thread, batting, and the cost of quilting if you had it done for you.  Then triple that amount.  If it's applique or lots of hand work, maybe even triple and a half or more.  I know most of you will say to yourselves "that's too much!" Nope!!! Think about all your time as well.  Your worth much more than that!  A fine quilt IS ART! Don't sell yourself short.
Ok!  Off my soapbox!  I just really love the art of quilting and the people that do it!  You guys are the best!!!! 

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