Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free Hot Pad Demo!

Yesterday, was "Last Minute, Quick, Handmade, Gift, Demo day" Here at Aunt Mary's.  I had a great time!  We had lots of people stop by and I think they got some good ideas for some great gifts to make.  Lot's of you couldn't stop by though, so I thought I would put one of the demos on my blog. Soooo Here goes. 

This is how to make a great, quick, Pot Holder.  To start, you will need:
1/4 Yard of a cute fabric
9" X 22" of "Insulbrite (Great stuff for many projects)
2 1/4" Strip of accent fabric
First, insert the insulbrite between the layers of fabric. Then do some quilting to hold the layers together. This is a great place to practice your free motion, but simple works great to. 
Then take a piece of paper and draw a 8" circle. (Use a plate and draw around it.) Cut two circles out of the prepared fabric.

Here's one.  
Here's the other.
Use one for the base, and take the other, fold it in half and cut. So that you now have two half circles.
Taking your 2 1/4" strip of accent fabric, bind the two straight edges.
Using a what's left of the accent fabric, Cut approx. 3" and fold it over on itself and topstich to make a little hanger.  Baste the loop on the top of the full circle.
 Lay the two half circles on top of the full circles and sew 1/4" all the way around the pot holder.
turn it right sides out and Ta Dah!!! You have a great gift for some one. 

Have fun!  Feel free to disseminate this pattern with out any written permission at all.  Happy Holidays!!!

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Anonymous said...

That looks like a fun and easy oven glove. I am still finishing a mugrug for my friend but NEXT year I will start in January and make all my xmas gifts, Yes i will!!