Thursday, December 8, 2011

Floor Quilts Created!

What a FUN day of creating we had!  Here are just a few of the wonderful foor quilts that were made yesterday.  Whoever invented Mod Podge is a genius!  Right up there with the sticky note guy!  I mean how long has this stuff been out there.  It was really popular way back in my middle school days.  I remember making collages of all kinds, and feeling so creative then.  Now!  We are creating these wonderful art pieces for the floor.  

Here's Barb.  I think she was having trouble till we told her to just start gluing the fabric down like a collage and see where it takes her.  WOW!  did she let loose.  Her floor quilt is SOOO cute! 
Donna is always creative. She didn't need any encouraging.  We just let her loose.  This colorful floor quilt will fit so nicely into her studio.   
Here's Sherri.  She just kept giggling. I wish I took a picture of this one when she got it done.  It looks kind of plain in this picture, but she added little squares and a border and it really pops now. 
Sherri is such a cutie.  She came in to sign up for the first session that was full.  She almost cried.  So, we scheduled a second class that I wasn't really sure would go because it was in December. But low and behold it filled too.  Happy Day!!! 
Here's Molley and her floor quilt.  She is a big example of the student teaching the teacher.  I had never made one using such big pieces.  She had this big beautiful floral fabric she wanted to be the whole middle of her project and just add borders to it.  Well, I was worried such a big piece would be hard to lay down without having bubbles under it.  Not a problem!  We just worked together and layed it down and voila!  It worked great!
Now she is going to go home and prep a little more of the floral fabric and cut a big flowery vine and glue it down over the borders.  It's going to be GREAT!  I'm sure this will be a class that will be scheduled again.  Be on the look out!  It seams to fill up fast.

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This looks like soooooo much fun. Maybe next time