Saturday, December 17, 2011

Charm Packs Are Sooo Fun!

Look what I just finished!  Pretty cool hu?  This time of year it's kind of gets slow here in the shop. (You guys are all busy with holiday cheer) So I have had a little bit more time to make a few new quilts.  This one is done with just TWO charm packs.  It is very, very easy to make.  You have probably seen it here in the shop before. We have done it many times in many different charm packs.  Only this time I did it on point.  It really gives it a whole new look.   This line of fabric is from Moda, of course.  It's designed by Sandy Klop. She does the American Jane Fabrics.  It's brite and fun!  With the purchase of charm packs we will give you the pattern for free!  This could even be a good a great beginning project to work on.

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