Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Tree Is Trimmed

Well, we finally got our tree up and ready for Santa to come visit us.  I think we have lots of wonderful gifts and stocking suffers for Santas to choose from.  I always get such a kick out of your wonderful husbands.  They stop in and want me to tell them what just the right gift for you is.  Well.... As we all know, you quilters are all different!  What one person would LOVE, the next wouldn't.  As far as fabric goes,Well quilters are worlds apart on what is the most beautiful fabric in the world. That's why I always try to encourage them to pick up a gift certificate for you.  However!  Lots of Santas have gotten in trouble with gift certificates.  (To impersonal) So you guys have to let them know it's Ok!!!  Then you can get anything you want, and it will be perfect!  
However!  If they just insist!  I do have lots of things that most any quilter would love.  I have a big Santa sale coming up on the 22nd and 23rd.  If you all let me know what you want, they can come pick it up and I will have it all wrapped pretty for you.  They also get 15% off! What more could Santa ask for!

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Lyn said...

Looks Beautimus!