Friday, December 23, 2011

Peace On Earth!

It's almost Christmas Eve, and almost everyone that's been in the shop in the past few days look like they are about to explode!  Way too much to get done.  They don't seem to be very peaceful!  Can anyone tell me WHY WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES?   My wish for everyone is for them to realize all the craziness is CRAZY! Slow Down! Relax!  Most of it doesn't matter anyway.  So whats going to happen if you don't make cookies like grandma use to make?  Make a new tradition of buying them from the local bakery. They do a great job and they are sometimes better than grandma's.

This picture was taken two years ago, this past week.  I am sooooo thankful that it doesn't look like this now!  However, I think it made people slow down.  They didn't have much of a choice.  We COULDN'T go anywhere.  I don't know, Maybe I shouldn't post this blog.  I sound like a such Scrooge.  I really do like lot's of things about Christmas.  Enjoying a cup of coffee with my friends, laughing, spending time with my  family, cooking a big dinner to share with everyone, and I am working on being a more peaceful person about the whole thing.  Here's whishing to all of you a happy, peaceful, loving holiday!  Enjoy the people in your life.  They are the REAL gifts! 


Sue said...

Hey Peace on Earth, good will towards man and women....So what are we doing? I am going NOW Chill and hope for SNOW!!!

Aunt Mary said...

To one of my Favorite people - I love you! Enjoy!!

Barb said...

I agree Carol. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas :)