Friday, November 4, 2011

Calendula Pederdrip's Cottage! Done and Hanging!

Ta Da!!!  Don't you just love the feeling of a finished project?  This is the project I worked on all through summer.  I started it at our big shop hop in June.  The patterns had just barely arrived in the shop and I knew I had to make it.  The Pattern is one of Meg Hawkey's. It's called Calendula Pederdrip's Cottage.  I think Meg is a genius!  Her patterns are so filled with details and fun imaginative little elements.  
I have this quilt hanging right above my desk. So as I'm trying to get my book work done, I keep finding myself looking at the quilt.  I know I have said how much I enjoy hand work.  One of the benefits is that when I look at a block, I remember what I was doing the day I was working on that part.  My son plays baseball on a senior league team, so many hours of  embroidery was done this summer while enjoying the sun and watching ball games.  I also worked on the books and feather block while sitting out under my apple trees on the Fourth Of July.  So, you see there is sooo much more in a quilt than the finished project.  It has so many great memories in it too.
Ok! Now!  Here's a big problem!!! After finishing a quilt that you really enjoyed working on.  The big problem is.........  finding a new project that you will enjoy just as much.  Well,  I think I have it worked out.  Next, I will be starting a new Kim McLean applique pattern, called Princess Feather.  I uses lots and lots of Kaffe Fasset fabric, another obbsession of mine.  You can't have too much of that.

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