Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bali Wedding Star Class A Huge Sucsess!

Yesterday (Saturday) was such a nice cozy day to quilt!  Here at the shop we were finishing up our threes sessions of Bali Wedding Star.  What a really beautiful quilt!  I think the class was a huge success!  The girls really did well, and had lots of fun. Many of the quilts got up on the design wall.  I was so inpressed! Of course every time one of the girls had their quilt on the design wall, I was busy up front or I didn't have my camera with me and didn't get a picture.  So here are a few blocks, all ready to go together.  Jane has promised to bring hers in, all done this week so I can get a picture.  
Here are some blocks in progress.  Everyone loved Linda Tellesbo.  She is a really good instructor.  She has worked with Judy Niemeyer extensively to become a "Certified Instructor"  for her patterns.  I sell lots of Judy's patterns here at the shop.  The customers that have taken a class with either Judy or Linda tell me it's really the way to go.  The patterns can be kind of intimidating. But after being shown how they are done, they really are wonderful patterns and really stunning quilts! 
Here's Judy and Rose.  Judy is making a KING size!  Wow!  Rose already has plans to make TWO more.  What super quilters!!!

We have a new session for this class coming up at the first of the year.  There are just a few spaces left.  Maybe one of those spaces should be yours.

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