Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time to Make Pillowcases and Christmas Tree Napkins

 This week I have been a busy little bee.  Getting ready for the big "Black Friday" sale.  Among other projects, I put together lots and lots of the two kits that always please everyone for the holidays.  First - pillowcase kits!  I don't know anyone that doesn't love to get a new "Custom" pillowcase.  One year, I didn't make them for my family and you would have thought I didn't love them any more!  I think they like that the fabric is picked out to fit their personalities and interests.  My husband is going to love this Rocky and Bullwinkle one.  I love the fact that they take about twenty minutes to make.  Zip! Zip! Zip!  they are done!!! I have lots of kits for all kinds of personalities, but if we can't find one that fits.  We can make a kit just for you.
Then there is the time honored Christmas Tree Napkins.  You will impress everyone at the table.  One of my customers told me she used up all her Christmas scraps and made all of hers different, then, everyone got to take theirs home with them.  (Way to get out of laundry detail!)
Again.  These are VERY QUICK projects.  One afternoon will get you well on your way to feeling all Martha Stewarty.  

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