Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Follower Drive With a Giveaway!

Ok! So,  I have been writing and posting this blog for over three years now.  As of today, This blog has 35 followers.  I think we can do better than that!  AND I am not apposed to bribery!  So for the next two weeks, for all the new followers that sign up.  (It's really kind of painless,  I promise!)  We will have a random drawing and the winner will get this fat quarter pack of "Merry Medley"  fabric from Moda.  We just got it in and I really like it.  It's not as whimsical as we usually have here at Aunt Mary's.  But we need that sometimes.  So after you get done reading this post.  Scroll down to "Followers" and get singed up.  Good luck!


Jenny said...

Fun giveaway! You may want to move yor followers to the top of your blog for easy access. ;o). Just a little advise.

Renate Bontrup said...

I'm a new follower! Loving your ghastleys quilt!