Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Gastlies are BACK!

If you have been following my blog, you may recognize this cute quilt.  It's made with the really great fabrics from Alexander Henry, called "The Gahstlies."  The fabric was soooo popular that it was gone VERY fast.  Well, now I have more.  It just arrived in the shop yesterday.  
This quilt is really fun and easy to make.  it uses a pattern that we have used  over and over.  It's called "Side Lines"  We have used it to highlight fabrics we just didn't want to cut too much.  It's would be great for beautiful with big florals, asian prints, or almost anything you fall in love with.  We made it with bears and it was really fun!
I'm sure you could still get this quilt done for Halloween.
Robert hasn't been in my blog for a while. So here he is.  What a sweet little guy!  I have had Robert in the shop almost from the beginning of Aunt Mary's.  So that's over eleven years.  He's getting kind of old.  He doesn't sing quite as much as he used to. But every once in a while, he sings like a rock star.

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