Friday, October 14, 2011

New Things and Halloween too

 Most days, here in the shop, I get a group of ladies relaxing and enjoying each others company.  I love that part of my shop.  I really enjoy getting to know my customers and finding out their likes and dislikes.  I got talking to one of my friends about my blog and what she enjoyed reading on it.  She like to see the new fabrics that come in. Sooo...  Here's what we got yesterday.  New Australian fabrics.  Its made by a very small company IN Australia, called M & S Textiles Australia.  Most  Australian looking fabrics are just made to LOOK like they are from Australia.  These are designed by the aborigines.  I love all the bugs and symbols.  They all mean something.  We just got in a new book written by the artists.  I has some really nice patterns for some fantastic projects. It also tells all about the people and the heritage of the fabric.  HOW INTERESTING!

Also!  Halloween is just around the corner and I still have lots of halloween fabric. Today and tomorrow it's on sale for 15% off.  Bring in a donation for the ffod bank and take an extra 5%.  Woo hoo!  Boo!!!

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